The Art of Seduction for Women

The Art of Seduction for Women

Sun, 09/30/2012 - 17:12 -- kylerichtig

Having sex is more than just mechanics. The cerebral piece of sex asks us to charm and be charmed, to want and be wanted. Work on your art of seduction to keep him guessing what part of you he will meet next.

Make yourself irresistible

If you know your partner well, you know what turns him on. He may compliment your legs or breasts often, so be sure to feature those in your outfit. Try surprising your partner with lingerie. Leaving the room only to reemerge unexpectedly in lingerie will surprise and tantalize him.

Make yourself exotic

Try changing your scents and fabric combinations. Examine what you are using now, and try a scent from another culture. Exotic scents such as myrrh, jasmine or ylang-ylang, will give you a fragrance that will tempt his senses. Change your fabrics to give yourself new textures and colour combinations that will make you into a new lover.

Make yourself mysterious

Many women have fantasized about being the mysterious woman that everyone talks about at a party. Have this woman be you in your own home. Change how you interact with your partner. If he is used to coming home to you watching T.V., have him come home to you reading a book. Keep a journal and write in it often. He'll begin to wonder what interesting things you have to write about.

Make yourself dominant

If you are submissive in your relationship, try taking on a dominant role. Initiate sex yourself. Become the vixen inside that is waiting to come out. Try positions such as Asian Cowgirl, Sybian and Side Rider to get on top and show who's boss. These positions will not only get your partner off, they will give you power in the bedroom.

Make yourself cum

Most men love a good sex show. You will be hard pressed to find a male partner who would not enjoy watching their woman pleasure herself from across the room. Tell him not to touch himself, as he can have you after you are done. Make him keep his hands behind his head - he might not be able to resist. Watch the sparks fly!

The art of seduction is best described as knowing yourself and your partner. Open discussions about what he likes will help you decide how to work your seductive magic. Keep these new personalities in your back pocket for special occasions and when you need to get some. Sex is not just a man's game!

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