Sex Scavenger Hunt

Sex Scavenger Hunt

Thu, 10/18/2012 - 01:41 -- kylerichtig

Do you have a sexually adventurous group of friends? A sex scavenger hunt may be the perfect party game for them. The rules surrounding how the game is played will hinge on the players.


Individuals invited to the sex scavenger hunt should come as couples. Plans for singles to form couples at the party may not work out, and inevitably some will be left out. If partner swapping is part of the draw, make selection as random as possible.

The game

Create a list of sexual positions and places where these positions potentially could be performed. For example "Perform oral sex at a drive through while placing your order for 5 points", "Successfully achieve the Bodyguard position in a park for 20 points.", and "Enjoy mutual masturbation for the duration of a car wash for 10 points." are all easily adapted examples. Each couple should receive a scorecard with the same options and point values. Give all couples a time limit for which they have to return to the party with their scorecard.

Challenge the players

Include positions such as Poles Apart, Pearly Gates, Sockets or Sitting Bull to get them trying different things. It may be necessary to include descriptions of obscure sexual positions, or pictures to help players understand what exactly they are supposed to be doing.

Multiple partner games

If your guests are looking for multiple partner options across the board, make the changeover part of the game. Provide each person a scorecard, where they will tally their score. The changeover in couples can be determined in a number of ways. Either select time increments in which all parties have to return, or couples return after they complete an activity. Let the group decide what options they want with a vote.

The winner(s)

The winner(s) of the game will be the one who accumulates the most points, or completes their list first. Because all people have different hang ups surrounding sexuality, it may be desirable to have a long list of positions and options for players to choose from. Using this method, no one will have to feel pressure to accommodate any of the options that they are uncomfortable with. Provide a small token or trophy for the winner(s).

You may find that the sex scavenger hunt becomes the highlight of your party. If your friends are sexually adventurous they will enjoy bringing together their favourite activity into a party game.

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