Reasons Why People Continue To Fall For Their Exes

Reasons Why People Continue To Fall For Their Exes

Fri, 02/15/2013 - 14:43 -- zena

This is a big mystery for many people especially those who end up going back to exes who don't really deserve them. I have had this question in my head for a long time as some women who apparently have kept on falling for these traps surround me. Today, we will learn about the reasons as to why some people continue to fall for their exes.

Some people want competition. Relationships get unhealthy when things become too competitive between you and your partner. The desire to win becomes more important than the desire to be with each other as best as possible. Unfortunately, some people who are rejected or dumped think of it as a challenge so they want to win the person over to win. Odd thought, right?

Some people are just control freaks. They want not only do a makeover on themselves but on other people as well. If a person goes back with their ex, it means that they have known this person for a long time and now has decided that he/she wants to do a little experiment on them. Trying to fix them according to how they see fit is one reason as to why they want to have another go with their exes but can you really change a person? Old habits die hard. Old dogs are hard to teach new tricks, too. So whether or not this works, you decide.

No matter how much time you spend apart from each other, you will never forget the time that you are together. When all things don't work out with your current relationship, you bail out and decide to go back to someone you already know and already knows you. An ex is that person. You want that connection with your new relationship but it is hard to find that comfort and compatibility with someone right away. It takes time but some people get impatient with that.

Some people do not want to invest to new partners so they decide just go back to the person that they initially invested on. Working on relationships and building them are never easy. The time and patience you need to invest on one need to be tremendous and some people just do not want to go through all the trouble again.

When things do not go according to your plan, you decide that there is no one else for you but your ex so you just go back with him/her and continue what you have started. Call it bad luck for some people but I guess, trying out new things and meeting new people is best in order to get away from getting back with your exes.

Whether or not you want to go back to your exes is up to you. It is not up to anyone else. Your happiness is what matters most. If you will find that with your exes then go ahead and go back to him/her however, there are so many risks involved and you already know it. So, if you do go back to your ex and things turn sour, you have no one else to blame but yourself. Are you willing to take that risk?

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