Office Love: What Happens When You Date A Co-worker?

Office Love: What Happens When You Date A Co-worker?

Sun, 11/04/2012 - 14:56 -- zena

Dating a co-worker might seem like a wild and adventurous thrilling experience that could make your boring workweek into a more exciting one, there are actually a few things that you need to keep in mind before you indulge in an office romance. Remember that you are in the office to work and not to play around. If you want to become more successful with your chosen career then an office romance is not the thing for you. After all, you wouldn't go on great lengths to pursue your dream and then just come crashing down later because of your mistake in dating someone or having a relationship with someone at work.

If you work for a company, the size of the company actually matters. Working for a small or medium sized company can actually be a place where you can find yourself attached to a female colleague. Falling for your co-worker isn't exactly advised by many offices however, sometimes it is unavoidable. Unfortunately, if you work in these kinds of offices, it is actually hard for you to keep your business to yourself – whether it is personal or work-related. I guess it is only natural for you to find yourself attracted to someone that you work closely with as you see them every day and you spend almost 24 hours with them at work. If you work for a larger office, such a thing is impossible to happen. This is why if you want to avoid office love and you work for a small or medium sized company then you better not hang out too much with those of the opposite sex.

Your co-worker is somebody that you are with every day and you spend lots of time with her

Think about it this way. Your co-worker is somebody that you are with every day and you spend lots of time with her. Thus, making it easier for you to talk to her and move from co-worker to having a dating relationship. Sure, you will not need to exert much effort in moving to the next level however, haven't you heard of the saying that it is better to get something out of effort than getting it without effort at all? Remember that when you exert time and effort into something, it is usually worth it and sometimes, office romances are just not like that. After all, how do you know that your co-worker is as serious as you when it comes to dating her? For all you know, she said yes but do you know why she said yes?

Let's face it. It is hard to really choose between your promising career growth and your budding romance with your co-worker. Whether you will leap or not is the biggest question here. I am just saying that before you make any drastic decisions regarding this matter, it is best to take a closer look on the benefits that you will reap from this and the disasters that can ruin you and your co-worker later. In the end, that is the only time you should think about pursuing her or not.

As with most new relationships, the real excitement only comes in its early stages. Flirting, sending secret messages to one another, looking at each other sexually, playing playful and amusing jokes and so many other things are only common when you are starting a relationship at work. Yes, they can all bring joy to your mundane life at work each day. Let's think about the other good things that you can get from having an office romance. You are always energized to go to work just to see her and you know that your day will end well no matter how mad your boss gets or no matter how crappy your day will be. If she is one of the hottest female employees in your office then that will be a big ego booster for you. Unfortunately, many of your male co-workers will be jealous of you and might hate you for it. They might even spread rumors about you but you just don't care. Even lunch dates can become interesting as if you are both in the mood, there might be a quickie after. When things go wrong at work, you can simple talk about it with her knowing that she will be able to relate to you. We all need to blow off some steam sometimes. You are lucky if you and your co-worker end up having a good chemistry with each other as that would only mean that you will be working with each other more and perhaps can both benefit you professionally if you both strive hard to become successful.

Unfortunately, there are also downsides to certain office relationships. When things aren't going your way at work, it doesn't matter if it is a personal issue or a work-related incident, the last thing that you need is added pressure and tension between you and your co-worker's relationship. When things between you and your office flame don't go well, imagine how things would be while your co-workers saw everything. The more you spend time with your office flame, the less you spend with other potential associates that can help you in your time of need. In the end, you will have no one else to help you when you need them. Office gossip is very powerful and it can destroy your chances of promotion.

No matter how much excitement your coworkers have in their personal lives, they always seem to be trying to catch you in the act which is why you should be careful of it

If your boss ever discovers that you spend more time with your office flame than with working hard, you might find yourself in a very uncomfortable career predicament. No matter how much excitement your coworkers have in their personal lives, they always seem to be trying to catch you in the act which is why you should be careful of it. If they realize that there is something bad going on between the two of you, they will do everything to break you guys up and for some, they might even try to ruin your careers. Now, was having a relationship at work worth it? Lastly, after the break up, things will never be the same again. You might not like working for that company again and your co-workers might see you differently now. You will end up feeling bad for yourself.

Now that we have weighed in the pros and cons of being in an office relationship, I hope that this was helpful for you. If you ever find yourself in this predicament, just do whatever you feel is right however, think of your personal pros and cons before ever getting yourself in the path of a crash course into career chaos. Unless you think that you can juggle your career and a relationship together then do your best to keep your business and personal lives separate. A balance between both is essential to make things work.

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