Must Try Morning Sex Positions

Must Try Morning Sex Positions

Tue, 01/22/2013 - 00:46 -- zena

They say that having sex in the morning is the healthiest. Not a morning person? Try to be. Apparently, having sex in the morning ensures that you and your partner have a good head start to your days. Want to be a believer? Well, why don't you try these positions to become a pro-morning sex person.

Nothing wakes you better than a steaming cup of coffee or so you thought. But how can you refuse a little spooning? This is probably an instinctual position as many couples wake up in this cuddling position. Imagine you and your partner's body so close together while lying down. Both of you can feel comfortable while you prepare for something friskier after that. Remember that he can access almost all of you with his hands. He can kiss your neck as well which can probably tickle you especially if he has a stubble or some facial hair. If you can no longer resist the urge, you can turn around and kiss him then. It could be a good start to a steamy charade in bed before both of you head off to work. Spooning is actually a common position that my husband and I do every morning. It helps us both relax and somehow makes us feel energized to start the day right.

How about trying the reverse cowgirl? Ever heard of it? Well, men actually love this position especially because it is a perfect position to be in in the morning. Not only will you be able to give him a show, you can also work at it with your own speed and depth. What more do you want to have? The position is also perfect for avoiding awkward morning breath moments.

We all know that the missionary position is probably the most conventional way of having sex but have you tried putting your legs on his shoulders while doing the missionary position? I guess not. If you feel energetic in the morning then why not try it? Start with a missionary position then as you pick up the pace, put your knees towards your chest and then start stretching your legs upwards. This might be uncomfortable at first but it allows a deeper access. Show him how much you are enjoying yourself and I am sure that would be enough to keep him going.

Taking a shower is refreshing but have you tried taking it with someone in the morning? Try imagining someone looking at your body and touching you while being covered with water? Isn't the thought enough to make you wet? Not only will you be able to get ready for work but you will also be able to do something frisky. If you have a mirror in your bathroom then take advantage of it. Seeing you and your partner doing wicked things to each other while in the shower will keep you both aroused and it will somehow boost your confidence to continue doing what you are doing.

Lastly, there is always the conventional oral sex. I am not sure if I should count this as a sexual position or not but then again, I can say that this is still a good start to one's day. If your partner has already told you that he fantasizes to be woken up by a blow job then why not give him head? Perhaps he can return the favor to you next time. Who wouldn't want to be woken up with a good oral sex? This has happened to me before and it lead to me and my partner having rough sex so early in the morning. I returned the favor and gave him a blow job which resulted with sex in the shower. It doesn't only fulfill both your fantasies but it also fills both of your needs. It is definitely a win – win situation. Who wouldn't want that?

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