Male Virginity: Does It Matter?

Male Virginity: Does It Matter?

Sat, 11/10/2012 - 17:58 -- zena

I have tackled the issue of virginity in the past but somehow it deals more with the virginity of women and not men. Today we are going to talk about the virginity of men. Does it matter or not? It is a common knowledge that most men would rather not be virgins especially if they are going to be with someone who has more than sexual experiences than they do. Somehow most men find that embarrassing.

Men don't want to hear about their women's sexual experiences especially because sometimes the details will come out. It brings out insecurity especially for men who haven't had any other sexual experiences in the past. For men, it does not just add a little jealousy in the mix. Somehow it also makes it a little disgusting for them to hear. This is why one should never kiss and tell.

It must be hard to be a virgin especially a male virgin. Temptation can be found almost everywhere and yet you don't know how to channel your sexual frustration. Most people don't understand that. Instead of ridiculing someone for being a male virgin, why not try to be more understanding? Most men don't want people to know of their virginity because they are afraid of the reaction that they would get from the general public. Society expects that men at the ages of 18-25 are no longer virgins. Although there are many advantages to being a virgin, there are also many disadvantages to it. For one, male virgins know that they are not sexual diseased. They know that they are not unsuspecting fathers. Some don't even have female partners to worry about.

Honestly, to some men, sex is not just sex. It isn't something that can casually done. It should be done by two people who love each other. Sometimes it is hard to give one's virginity away especially if you think it is important to you. Some males worry about many things especially when it comes to losing their virginity. Some of them are scared that they might not be able to perform well on their first time or some of them are just generally scared of having a bad first time. Once again, virginity matters if you think it does but if not, then it doesn't. To me, there is nothing shameful about being a male virgin. I guess some people just get lucky or some people just like to rush things. Either way, all I'm saying is that virginity isn't really an issue.

There is nothing wrong with losing your virginity. You have to remember that you are a grown man and it is your choice to lose it or keep it. Waiting for someone special to come along and take that virginity away from you isn't a bad idea but it isn't acceptable to everyone as well. Somehow, keeping one's virginity is all about just keeping your beliefs intact. It doesn't matter what others say or think. What matters most is what you think. If you wish to lose your virginity, take it easy. You don't need to rush it. Just give yourself enough time to prepare for it. Always remember that once you have had sex with a woman, self pleasuring will never be the same again. On the other hand, if you really want to live the way that you do then there is nothing wrong with that. Good luck and congratulations on your choice in life. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin – male or not. That is something that everyone should keep in mind. Always keep an open mind. Male virginity might not be common these days anymore but it happens.

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