Is cyber sex a form of cheating?

Is cyber sex a form of cheating?

Mon, 12/17/2012 - 16:25 -- zena

Because we currently live in the modern age, it is already common to see people using computers everywhere. To be honest, people take more than eight hours in front of the computer every day. Because of this cyber sex has become a common practice and sadly, it has even become a replacement for the real deal. New found moral issues have surfaced because of this innovative form of lovemaking. This is why many people often ask this question. Is cyber sex a form of cheating?

Most men who have worked in corporations have experienced a form of cyber sex or two with a co-worker. Most of the time - it happens with total strangers. How can we know what cyber sex is to begin with? Well, it is the art of doing something nasty using verbal sexual intercourse without any physical contact. If one has a functional computer, a reliable internet connection or even some innovations like web cameras or headsets then you are all set to have one with someone. Don't tell me you haven't tried.

Basically, all you need is to type on a keyboard and a man, a woman and anybody willing to be a partner to experience virtual sex. Using the web camera and the headset are only innovations for those bold enough to use them. Although the whole idea of having sex through technology isn't exactly conventional, it can help relieve stress and it even provides a great security for many insecure individuals.

Most people consider it cheating even if there is no physical contact involved. Why? Because let's face it, as we continue to write passionately and continue to get sexually aroused, how many of us can actually say no if someone would be willing to do something like that and is just standing next to us as we continue to get friskier every minute? I guess cyber sex can be a form of foreplay and if given the right situation, it can lead to something more serious.

Generally, most men would take the opportunity to sleep with someone for real and deal with regrets and the remorse of cheating on a loved one later. Well, it is obvious by now that every man is innocent until proven guilty. Cyber sex is virtual and with no consequences (o almost none of them). Honestly, it is only cheating not because of the whole sex should be intimate thing. It is more like a person divulging sexual fantasies to another person which is of course, something that should only be a connection between a person and his/her partner. This is unfortunate because it makes your partner feel inadequate and is not enough to satisfy all your needs. According to experts, that is the truth. No matter how hard a person denies it. If that is the case then their relationship needs to get fixed.

This doesn't mean that cyber sex is bad. It is healthy but only to some extent. Being addicted to it is wrong as it will be a wedge to you and your partner’s relationship. People get into cyber sex because it is very accessible. For most men, they think it is fun and it is just a game. They think it is a challenge to find a counterpart who would be ready to give him pleasure virtually. Honestly, some men prefer virtual relationships than real ones because they don't need to have so many responsibilities with them. I guess the only answer to this depends on the level of cyber sex flirting involved.

If you are committed and already have a real life partner then, know your limits. If you ever have a cyber relationship with another person, there is no reason for your partner to be concerned if you are just exchanging compliments and simple messages but if it goes out of hand then that's a different story. The trick to knowing your limit is to know how your partner will feel if he/she found out. Once you already know how it feels then you would probably know when to stop. Be considerate.

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