Initiating Sex

Initiating Sex

Thu, 03/14/2013 - 10:05 -- amber

Good sex is the best food for the soul. With good sex comes a better and healthy you, good sleep and a stronger relationship. For centuries, men have been known to be the ones who ask for sex. As a woman, you may find it hard to ask for sex maybe because you are a bit shy. If you are, then the answer to your dilemma would be to send him hints that will express your desire to have sex with him.

Putting your thoughts in writing would help send the hint much easily if you are a shy lady. You can do this by sending him a naughty text message to his phone, personal email or scribbling down a short sexy message and putting it in his coat’s pocket. A simple message as ‘can’t wait until tonight, I’m getting into bed naked…’

Coming up with a secret code language to use when in the mood to have sex can also help in initiating sex. The code language should only be shared between the two of you so that regardless of the place you are in, whether in front of the kids or friends, you can utter it and only your partner will understand. Something like, I need to take some painkillers could pass for ordinary conversation when in reality, it could mean something very different.

Sending non-verbal cues like kissing him on the neck while he’s still working, caressing him or stoking her hair could turn him in a matter of seconds, and he/she will definitely understand what it is that you want. Since this form of initiating sex is usually unexpected, it could lead to more incredible and spontaneous sex that both of you will enjoy.

Complimenting each other can further help prepare you for sex since it helps in fostering affection and with affection comes good sex. This is highly recommended for couples that may be have been in a relationship for sometime and sex to them may have become a bit ordinary. Complimenting your spouse on their looks, skills or hard-work could help initiate sex and even a better relationship.

Lastly, change the timing of when you usually have sex. Take each other by surprise for instance when they are preoccupied doing something else. If she’s busy doing her chores, approach her, hug her from behind and whisper in her ear, ‘wanna do it?’ Unscheduled for sex is actually more fun, exciting and fulfilling than timed sex which may appear to be more of a duty.

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