How to Have Amazing Sex like an 18 Year Old

Sat, 07/20/2013 - 12:27 -- amber

Have you always wanted to remain 18 till you die? Being 18 has a lot of benefits most specially sexually. It’s at this age that you get to experience going out, having fun, meeting different people, having crazy sex, and pulling out almost every sex position under the sun. Though it may have been a couple of years or even decades since you last enjoyed being an 18 year old, you could still continue having the same sexual adventures that you used to have while still young.

To start with, become a rebel. Try this by breaking some of the dress codes like wearing lingerie underneath your clothes when going to work. This will help you get in touch with your sexual side regardless of the kind of business that you may be undertaking during the day. Then, come the evening, the sensual feelings that you had been withholding all day long will finally come to life and ready to explode.

No matter how busy your schedule is or how lazy you may have become, to pull off those sexy positions like you did back in the day, you’ll have to exercise. Exercising helps in toning your body and also making your figure firm. It further helps in improving the blood circulation as well as keeping you fit and clearing up your mind from any tension or stress. All these reasons makes it possible for you to have a steamy love making session the very way you did when you were still young, flexible and spontaneous.

Another way of bringing back the memories and reliving them is by being a bit selfish. Being all grown up and being faced with a lot of responsibilities, it doesn't hurt to spoil yourself once in awhile. By doing things that you love and are bound to boost your self esteem will definitely make you feel more confident when you're with your partner and therefore., you won’t be afraid to express yourself and show your true colors of being a passionate lover.

Finally, try something new to boost your sex life as though you don't really care. This is the time to do beyond the norm and adopt different sex positions, change the sceneries and the usual places that you usually have sex. You could try out having morning sex if you never do, quickies in inappropriate places and definitely a whole lot of flirting and foreplay.

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