How to Get Laid Easily without Begging

Thu, 04/18/2013 - 11:06 -- amber

Ask any woman what most men are after and she won’t take a minute before pointing out that it’s all about the sex. Men on the other hand strongly belief that all women are after money.

To set the record straight, both men and women love sex, but since men are the ones who raise the issue first, it has come to be believed that sex was merely created for men. Unfortunately it seems, the more you want something is the lesser the chances of you getting your hands on it. This is what happens to men who keep begging or rather demanding for sex from their girlfriends; they never get it.

Call it getting laid, having sex or making love, there is one key to getting it all even without asking for it. The secret is to act unconcerned about the whole issue. Women, who are the experts of communicating indirectly, understand indirect language the best. Contrary to men who prefer expressing themselves in a more direct manner, using the same language that you use with your boys may be easily interpreted as being offensive.

If you are a man and have just started or have been seeing this girl for a while, the key to getting into her panties is by simply keeping off the sex talk as much as you can. Of course there is no harm in being flirtatious as long as that it doesn’t go beyond that. Instead, always commend her for her looks, her charm, sense of humour, being smart and of course the kind of woman you would like to get serious with. Since a majority of women are used to dating men who express their need of sleeping with them after the first date, the more you keep on pushing it away is the more she will get interested in you, and, if you keep it up, she will end up being the one begging you for sex.

When a girl begs you for sex, that’s an assurance that she is very much interested in you and that she is ready to do almost all the work to prove how good she is, so that you can keep on coming back for more. However, don’t get her waiting for so long that she may end up thinking that you can’t rise to the occasion and may somewhat lead her to beg this service from elsewhere.

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