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If you are not the type of woman who wants to attract any guy soon then why don't you try committing these crimes then, I can assure you that no man would ever dare come near you or even be attracted to you. Some might sound ridiculous or even funny but then again, they work. So, the next time you want to turn a guy off, follow these tips.

When in a bar and a guy keeps on looking at you, pretend that you have your period and loudly ask the bartender if there is a good drink that can help you get rid of your really intense menstrual cramps. Make sure that you only do this when the man has decided to approach you. This will guarantee that he will be able to hear your inquiry and somehow back off.

If you are in the bar alone or with some of your friends and a guy keeps on looking at you then have the waitress bring him a drink. When the waitress points your way, you smile and then wink at him. You can also repeatedly and aggressively rock your hips upward as you make the most hideous aroused face of them all. That will either make him laugh and forget about you or just be plain disgusted and move on.

While at a public place or at a party, bring a bottle of nail polish and as soon as a man goes near you, bring it out of your purse and retouch your nails. Pretend that you are busy and that you have not noticed him. Go about to freshening up your manicure until he gets fed up of you ignoring him. This will guarantee that no man will ever bother you.

Show up at a public place or event with your friends and keep on talking loudly about the latest romance movie you have watched or romance novel you have read. You can even talk about your ideal leading men and why you love them. Make sure that the man who is interested in you hears you. Nothing hurts a guy's ego than a woman comparing him with another man. Although you are not really comparing him with anyone, you can always pretend that you will never have anyone lesser than your ideal leading men.

Act all princess like and high maintenance while around a guy that is attracted to you. Make him do things for you and pretend that you care. Sure, this can be mean but then again, it is a must if you want to ditch him. If you really want to push his buttons, try to bring a pet with you along with its traveling bag and everything else. Let him take care of your pet as you do different things like go shopping or buy something. This gesture will guarantee that he won't come after you again.

But then again, if you truly don't want to attract a guy then the easiest ways to do so are the following:

Don't care about your looks. Although some guys like their women simple, most of them actually want women who care about how they look especially whenever around their partners.

Don't be lady like and show no manners at all. Although most men don't really care about their own manners, I am sure they care about their women having manners – even just a little bit.

Have improper hygiene. Nobody wants to date someone with halitosis or with bad odor. Smell triggers cells in the brain that signals if a person should be attracted to a person or not. So, if there is bad odor involved caused by poor hygiene then I guarantee that no man will ever date you.

Appear needy, hopeless romantic and somehow paranoid. After all, no man would ever want to be stuck with a clingy chick. What's worse is if the chick keeps on bringing up the topic of weddings, marriages and most of all, babies. Nobody really wants to have the whole fatal attraction experience.

Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day for couples but then again, it doesn't necessarily have to be. If you love being single and love mingling then don't attract anyone on this special day. For all you know, you might have more fun unattached than being with a partner. So, have fun, girl!

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