Having Sex with a Virgin

Having Sex with a Virgin

Thu, 01/17/2013 - 01:02 -- amber

Nobody likes virgins; they are so difficult to handle!

How difficult can it be to have sex with a virgin for the first time? You may wonder. But, at one time or another, we all have been virgins. First times have never been the best time for anyone. Virgins are inexperienced, naïve and also stubborn in many ways but, there are as many ways in which you can make that first time with her as good as being with an experienced woman. How is that possible? Well, simply take a look at this:

Talk about It

Plan when you want that special sexual encounter to happen. Although a lot of people believe that planning for sex kills the urge, for a virgin, it’s different. Remember that they are not fully into it, neither are they against it. But, by knowing that it’s bound to happen, they will get more comfortable and in their own part, start getting ready.

Prepare Beforehand

Many virgins have a lot of questions and excuses on what should and what shouldn’t be. She is indeed very likely to come up with excuses as to why she is not fully into the idea. She may want to wait a little longer, or be scared of becoming pregnant, or infected… To avoid all the drama, simply have a condom ready. By so doing, she’ll be sure that you care and love her and are ready to keep her best interests at heart.

Get the Mood Right

Never forget that what ends up under the sheets starts from having a good day. Start by taking her out to a nice restaurant, order her favourite meal, have a good time and definitely some quality wine. Wine intake should however be limited otherwise it may end up switching the mood into something else. If possible, go out for a nice movie or simply, go back home and have a good time in each other’s hand. While at it, start getting ready for the act by a lot of tender kissing, flirting, caressing and fondling. Being her first time, you have to fully prepare her so that she too starts feeling ready for the Big experience.

Make Love, Don’t Have Sex

Making love is for those in love, but having sex is casual. This is no time to show her how good or experienced you are in bed, it’s her night, not yours. Be tender to her, do not be too rough or do what she is not comfortable with. Also, don’t force her into performing something that she is not ready for. Simply let her be the lady of the night, but if she wants to change that, fine and good. If you do this, she’ll most definitely remember you for the rest of her life.

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