Having Better Sex

Thu, 03/28/2013 - 10:59 -- amber

How good is your sex life?

It may surprise you that a greater majority of people barely ever get to have good sex with their partners for various reasons. To address this special need, five key problem areas have been discussed with the hope of enabling couples to have better sex with their partners. When having sex, the only thing that ought to be on your mind is the sexual act itself and nothing else. Forget about the kids, work or any problems and distractions that may currently be ailing you. The more you put your mind in it, the higher the chances of you having an awesome time with each other.

Many women have confessed that they at times find sex discomforting or even painful. To have better and enjoyable sex, you need to embrace the use of lubricants. Buying over the counter lubricants doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you, instead, it means that you are a woman who knows how to get what she deserves. This is because the natural lubricant can only last for a while but with the lube, you can continue enjoying sex for as long as you desire.

Never should you strive for perfection, instead, strive to make yourself sexually satisfied. Petty worries like your looks, body size, weight, cellulite, etc can get in the way of your pleasure thereby leaving you more starved and hating yourself for that. Having better sex has nothing to do with your physique or looks but your sexual performance and so, never let this stand in the way of your pleasure.

If you feel in the mood, feel free to initiate sex. With so many women waiting for their men to initiate sex, you shouldn’t let yourself fall into that trap. After all, he is your man and you shouldn’t feel timid asking him to satisfy you sexually. In case you have never tried this, you should. You’ll be surprised to see how responsive he will be!

By attaching an emotional touch into your sex life, you will realize that you will end up having spicier, deeper and richer sex. This is mainly because by being with a man or a woman whom you are committed to and share a special bond with, you are bound to put all of your attention into meeting each other’s needs. Studies have actually shown that couples in committed relationships tend to have better sex than their counterparts who are single. The key to having better sex therefore is to attach some emotions to it.

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