Hands Free Ways To WOW Your Partner

Hands Free Ways To WOW Your Partner – Part 1

Fri, 09/07/2012 - 15:55 -- zena

We need our hands for many things. Whether they are important or not really so important things. In fact, experts say that because we use our hands so much during sex. But have you ever wondered how you would have sex without them? I know I have. So, here are some hands free ways on how to make your man happy.

#1 (for both men and women)

Lie on top of him naked. Slide a vibe in between your bodies. Position your body to his, where the most sensual parts of you actually hits his sweet spots.

#2 (for women)

Grazing your nipples to any part of your partner's body can make you both feel stimulated at the same time.

#3 (for both men and women)

Use your tongue for licking different parts of your partner's body. Nibbling on to your partner's ear lobe is a sure hit. Imagine if you nibbled on his / her body parts. Then, you would really be on the right track.

#4 (for both men and women)

Feeding bite-sized morsels of food, like grapes, mouth to mouth. It is quite cute and silly, which will get you both to loosen up.


Women who jiggle their breasts and behind actually makes men aroused before sex. Shaking them in front of him can make men go nuts.


After a hot shower, having your woman put an ice cube between her teeth and drag it from his neck to his shaft.

#7 (for women)

Grinding your body while wearing very sexy lingerie or a very thin kind of clothing on his naked body makes his body tingle.


Probably one of the hands free sexual moves out there that I approve is the 69. Sure, your man might need his fingers in the process but you won't. All you need is your filthy mouth and your very cunning tongue.


Biting some parts of your partner's body is sensual. Just make sure that you don't bite so hard as the point is not to inflict pain but to inflict pleasure as well.

#10 (for women)

Using your teeth to undo your partner's shorts or pants and pulling them down along with his underwear and his boxers.

Hands free or not, you can still make your partner stimulated. Of course, you can use your fingers to stroke him or her every now and then but wouldn't it be nice if your partner can actually become feel aroused with you using other methods. Utilizing your other body parts can actually make your partner aroused just sounds more sensual, in its own way. If you want to wow your partner every now and then, try these tricks. You might just be thankful for it.

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