Hands Free Moves Gone Wrong

Hands Free Moves Gone Wrong

Thu, 09/27/2012 - 23:23 -- zena

When a woman your dating offers to pleasure you with her feet, it would be wise to look at her feet first before you say yes...

”I remember several years ago, I dated a woman who was eager to pleasure me with her feet. I was game at that time as I knew it would feel good. Good thing that I looked at her feet first before actually saying yes. Her nail polish was chipped and she had rough patches all over them. In short, her feet was an eye sore to me. I took one look, smiled at her as fake as I could and lastly, declined her offer. I was really thankful I did.”

So, a tip to all the ladies out there. Before you indulge in using your feet to entice the opposite sex, make sure your feet and your nails look attractive and clean enough for him to say yes.

When a man tells you that he is ticklish and you don't believe him then you end up regretting it in the end...

”After dating for several weeks, I was ready to actually do kinky things with the man that I was seeing then. He warned me about being overly ticklish but I was very adventurous in bed. Once he was already in bed half naked, I went down on him, planting soft kisses on his legs, licking him and scrapping my teeth on them. He couldn't stop laughing and when he told me to stop, I just kept going. All of a sudden, he accidentally kicked me as the sensation was too much. I ended up falling down the bed and hurting myself. I guess I should have listened to him in the first place. It was one embarrassing experience for both of us.”

Lesson learned. When a person gives out a warning, take it seriously. For most of the time, it is true.

So, you thought using a little game of bondage would be nice on your anniversary until something unexpected turns the experience awry.

“My wife and I wanted to play with some handcuffs in bed so she placed both her arms behind her and handcuffed her. We decided to try her giving me a blow job first as it was one of my sexual fantasies. We intended to take turns in using the handcuffs and I already had ideas on what to do next. Suddenly as my wife placed herself in front of my erection, she had a hard time balancing and before I knew it, she was already falling to my erection. She smashed her forehead hard on my sex, it hurt. I yelped in pain and that totally ruined the moment.”

Bondage requires discipline and training too. It might look easy and fun but sometimes, it needs both people to actually know what they are doing before doing them.

Going down on your partner without using your hands might sound hot but what if something bad happens to that plan of yours?

“My boyfriend said he wanted to pleasure me without using his hands. It was new to me so I decided to let him. As he started flicking his tongue in and out of my wet core, I couldn't help but moan and wither for him but as I got carried away by the moment, I clamped my thighs around his face tight. It was tight enough for him not being able to breath. I panicked and I am sure my boyfriend did too. He swallowed in such a way that he ended up coughing and gagging violently. We ended up straightening up and forgetting about the deed. We didn't want to go down the road again for now. The experience is still too fresh to try again.”

Control is essential in hands free moves. Getting carried away is fine but not to the extent that you would be hurting your partner.

Hands free moves are good but they need practice at times. If you think that you cannot do hard moves yet, then don't. You don't want to end up hurting yourself and your partner. Hands free moves are supposed to be fun and sexy so try your best to have make the experience a pleasurable one for you and your partner.

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