Getting him to up his Game in the Bedroom

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 03:06 -- amber

Did you know that regardless of how predictable sex may be, men will always be satisfied? But, that does not apply to women. This simply means that it’s much easier for a woman to satisfy a man than for a man to satisfy a woman. For him to return the favor, ensure that you do the following:

If he never gives you an oral, establish and open, playful yet honest talk on how much you like giving him an oral and how much it turns you on to see that you can satisfy him with your mouth. Then, mention how much you would really love to have him do the same to you.

If he usually tends to skip on the foreplay, let him understand that the body of a woman is very much different from that of a man and that she requires at least 20 minutes of foreplay before she can get fully aroused for sex. Let him also know that with the right foreplay, chances of you attaining your orgasm are much higher and also that if he does it well, he too can benefit by having a stronger erection. In case he is too rough during foreplay such that it becomes really painful, don’t say it in such a way that will hurt his ego. Instead, whisper it in his ear and let him know that you would rather have foreplay that is nice and slow, and one that you can enjoy repeatedly.

If he is the type of guy who seems to be too self focussed, maybe the problem could be that he is absolutely clueless on what he is supposed to do. If this is the case, take his hands and literally guide him on areas you want him to touch and show him what you want him to do to you. When it feels good, respond with a moan so that he knows that he is on the right track.

Suppose that he want to do the same sex position every time you are having sex, take charge and introduce to him the different styles that you like. Also, talk to him towards incorporating different sex positions every time you’re having sex. If he is the kind that is not open to being adventurous, initiate a playful conversation whereby you can both share different things you would like to be done to you, and execute them.

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