Getting Better Orgasms

Getting Better Orgasms

Thu, 03/07/2013 - 10:43 -- amber

Ever heard that a great number of women are said to fake their orgasms? That could be because they don’t want to hurt your ego hence prefer lying than telling you the truth. If you know your woman well, you can easily know when she has reached her orgasm and when she hasn’t. To save you from this turmoil, here’s how you should go about making her climax:

Ask her to direct you - Only she can tell you what she likes her man doing to her. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve a lot of talking but instead, she can communicate by moaning. A good moan would imply that you are doing it well whereas silence or a pretentious moan could imply that she is not having a good time and that you are doing it all wrong.

Make your pubic bone rub with her clitoris - The friction caused upon the rubbing of these two stimulates her a lot hence making her to have a long and enjoyable orgasm. This happens either when the woman is on top or when you are top. However, ensure that this comes at the right time so that she gets to climax at the right time and not soon after you have started having sex or long after she had a poor climax. If you find yourself still having problems satisfying her, then you could watch her masturbate and learn as much as you can.

Delay the pleasure for as long as you can - The more you make her crave for it, the more excited she’ll become hence will be more than ready to orgasm soon after you enter her. To delay the pleasure, you ought to employ a lot of creative foreplay to indulge in before the real act. Flirting, kissing, watching or reading erotic literature could also help prepare her. No matter how starved you are, be patient and get her starved as well so that the both you can get to achieve your orgasms.

Finally, ensure that she is fully relaxed and in the mood for sex - Most women are known to be very good at multi-tasking and if you do not bring her full attention to having and enjoying sex, she may end up being with you physically but so far from you mentally. To avoid this, prepare her before hand and ensure that she has nothing to worry about at all. By assuring her of her security and a feeling of confidence, be sure that she will be more than willing to give you her best performance hence get her to reach her orgasm like she has never been able to before!

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