Driving Each Other Crazy Underneath the Sheets

Tue, 04/02/2013 - 10:49 -- amber

There is a misconception that sex under the sheets is for the old couples that no longer enjoy the dynamics presented by the different sex positions but rather, for couples who are more than bored to engage in satisfying and creative sex. The truth though is that, once in a while, doing it under the sheets brings a more romantic flame into the relationship.

At such times, the couple can bond emotionally with each other and for longer. Furthermore, sex under the sheets enables the couple to maintain one sexual position for a prolonged period of time thereby bringing them closer to each other and multitasking between having sex and fantastic fondling.

While under the sheets, a side by side sex position is perfect to the couple. The position exposes the couple to a slow, long and enjoyable love making session. Since there isn’t a lot of thrusting taking place, there is gradual build up of passion that makes the sexual encounter last longer.

The couple gets to kiss more frequently, cuddle and even talk to each other. The man can also play with his partner’s breasts and clitoris thereby making her experience a full and longer orgasm.

Yet another perfect under the sheets sex position is the old missionary style with the man on top of the woman. Similarly, this position enables the couple to make slow romantic love to each other. The position is ideal especially during mornings after the couple wakes up. The woman can as well roll on top of the woman and slowly glide on top of him thereby increase on his level of arousal. The more aroused she/he is, the faster she will desire to have him thrust deeper into her.

Other than having fantastic sexual intercourse under the sheets, the couple can fully enjoy a good oral sex in the same position. An ideal morning would be when a man is woken up by his lady working on his goods. If your man is a heavy sleeper, there is the secret. The same applies to women as well.

To make that experience even better, make sure that your bed isn’t the one that makes squeaking sounds and also, ensure that your bed linens are clean and friendly to the skin. High quality and clean beddings are believed to be a form of aphrodisiac. White linen and silk are simply perfect especially when you are sleeping nude.

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