Choosing a Pleasure Swing

Choosing a Pleasure Swing

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Pleasure swings are used in sex to secure one partner off of the ground. The swing may be used in a variety of positions and for any combination of partners. In some cases swings are used in group sex situations where one individual may receive penetration or stimulation from a variety of others either at one time or in succession.


To install a pleasure swing, the proper anchoring in the ceiling must exist. The swing may be anchored to one or more hooks in the ceiling depending on the model. These anchors must be placed in joists to ensure the swing does not fall when bearing weight. You may wish to consult with a contractor before attempting to install. Your ceiling mounts can be dismissed as exercise equipment related if necessary. If you already have a suspended exercise bar, you may be able to adapt its mounts for your swing.


Choose your pleasure swing based on what functionality you would like it to possess. Sling models allow a partner to lay down in the swing. Consider the swing's ability to be attached and removed when not in use. A one-anchor model may make set up and clean up just a little bit easier. Look at the materials used for the construction. Many swings come in leather, which is great for leather fetishes and for easy cleaning. Look at any chains or rivets and consider how they may feel against your skin.


Sex swings vary in cost with the materials used in construction. Stirrup and restraints should be padded with materials that are not prone to wear. If fabric is used in suspension and stirrups instead of chains, consider how the fabric may get dirty from lubricants, etc. If possible, go to a local adult store that has pleasure swings pre-mounted in the store. Testing the different options will help you determine what fabrics and features you are looking for.

Door Swing

If you do not have the room for a ceiling mounted pleasure swing, consider a door swing. It attaches over the door. Closing the door keeps the swing in place while in use. This option is very popular due to its ease of installation.

Pleasure swings are a great way to find and test positions that you would not be able to perform on a bed. Start a new tradition with your partner by choosing a sex swing that will give both of you a new chance at pleasure.

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