A help Guide for women whose husbands aren't romantic

A help Guide for women whose husbands aren't romantic

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 18:03 -- maiya

I believe that there is no person on the earth who is unromantic. Everyone feels love and has different ways of expressing it. It is just the language of love that might differ. But because of this difference you can’t name anyone unromantic. You might be the person who is not understanding his romantic gestures and signals that he is giving out for you and he might always ends up in disappointment when you couldn’t understand them and you not respond it. Relationship is just like a two wheeler, for a two wheeler it takes both the wheels to move. Likewise for a successful and romantic relationship it takes both the partners to understand each other then whether it is the need of understanding each other’s needs and wants or each other’s way of expressing love and love language.

Sometimes the killer of romance is not an unromantic husband but us who fails to understand his way of love and constantly to push him to love and get in a romantic engagement the way we want him to get involved. The first and most important thing that you need to do is understand your husband, the way he thinks, the way he wants things to be and top of it the way he expresses his love for you. You might not find anything romantic in his expression of love but for him it is everything and your rejection will merely discourage him to express his love in his way for you. Therefore, respect the uniqueness of your better half. Encourage him and appreciate him. Tell him that his efforts for trying to is valuable for you, tell him how he inspires you, pay your gratitude to him for giving you everything he can, tell him that he is the most honorable man in your life. These small things will make him feel good and will create the special bonding and a romantic moment at the time you will be telling your husband all these things. We all know that we all are different from each other and these differences are not only limited to our personalities but it is also in expressing the love.

All you need to do is look for the language of your husband’s love. There might be certain things that he really doesn’t like while you people having intimate time. However, they might be fond of your meaning full conversations, your ambitions or having a dinner with you or walking by your side. Whatever it is try to identify it and try to do it more to make your husband comfortable. If you think your husband is not romantic then it is okay because you are romantic enough for both of you. Shower him with unexpected gifts that match with his interests and personality. Leave love notes for him; call him with the name that no one knows and no one else calls out with that secret name, leave notes for him in the places where he don’t expect it to be, send out random text messages that brings smile on their face and spark in their eyes. Appreciate your husband for what he is and if he is not romantic enough then take charge and be romantic for both of you and create memorable moments with him that you both cherish for your whole life. Just be understanding and accept him the way he is. Things will start working for you automatically.

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Maiya Hashmi