What to do if you hate your boyfriend’s friends

Tue, 12/11/2012 - 16:17 -- maiya

Ignorance is bliss but at times you are faced with situations that could not be solved by plain ignorance, similarly when you can’t stand your boyfriends friends, hate them so much that they make you sick, well hate is a strong word but they must have done something seriously bad to make you feel this way about them. Do they ruin your plans with him that you have been working on for days; it’s hard for him to understand and you to cope with.

If you do not like the company of your boyfriends friends or worse hate them for whatever reason there may be, then handling this relationship can be hard for you. Normally if we hate someone we would ignore them, but since it involves your boyfriend’s BFF you might want to think twice before you act in front of them.

Letting your boyfriend know that you don’t like his friends can solve the problem but it can worsen the problem too, and it depends on your partner’s understanding and nature. He can choose to ignore the situation and go along with you avoiding his friends, but he may also not like the idea of his girlfriend getting along with his guys. After all; his friends were there before you, they might have even helped him out to get to you. Boys do talk about their girlfriends with their friends; it’s a plus point for a girl to be liked by her boyfriend’s buddies, because then they would appreciate him being with you, that being said; your boyfriend would be at ease too and this would boost his confidence.

Friends pry be it with girls or boys, they would never leave a good advice go by, specially when its love that is being considered, a true friend would never want their friend to get hurt, they can surprise you in different ways. If they don’t like you or hate you then they might try to keep your boyfriend away from you, they can do this by sabotaging, lying to him about you; which will lead to misunderstandings that could ruin your relationship with him.

All the ideas mentioned above considered; I still reckon that a girl should be friends with her boyfriend’s friend if she hates him. A relationship is supposed to be between two people, not the entire world. If your partner is smart enough he would ignore the situation. You not being in contact with his friend would not make a difference, if the situation is that bad then it might even turn worse, you should know where you are suppose to speak and where not. Arguing would make matters worse but if you like the guy a lot and are willing to work things with his friends that you hate then you should consider the options and not chicken out in between the struggle.

The girl should try to work on this relationship with his friends so that she can at least bear their company if not like them.

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Maiya Hashmi