What guys think are big relationship turn offs?

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Every girl has a list of deal breakers when it comes to relationships. Nobody knows how long a couple can stay together especially if guys have their own different set of turn offs. Here's a list of some of the biggest no-nos that most guys hate in relationships. Women might have the power to win over men but they also have the power to drive them away. The same thing goes for men. If you are a woman and you don't want your man to be sent to the opposite direction then, here's a guide for you. If you are curious about a man's point of view about relationships then it would be best to ask many men what they really think.

Some women like to drink and party but honestly, not all men like their women drunk. Being a party animal is fun but there is always a limit to things. No one likes an alcoholic. It definitely is not attractive. Seeing a woman drinking way too much as she makes a fool out of herself in front of your friends and other people is just not sexy. Seeing her puking and can't even walk straight or handle herself well in front of everyone is just embarrassing. Men should be taking care of women who are in this state but other men either take advantage of it or just take pity on them. There might be a few good men out there who might be able to save you from such embarrassing situations but don't expect all men to do so. You might even be blamed for it in the end. So, if you don't want to be shocked by anything in the end, avoid getting too drunk. Know your limit.

Jealousy is okay but only to some extent. It is cute and comforting. But when it becomes out of hand and unreasonable, it becomes annoying. Some men want a little freedom to talk to other women. Remember that as long as these are friendly conversations, there is no need to panic or make a move. Some women get jealous out of the little things and men hate that. It is literally like a ball and chain which nobody wants to get attached to especially when you are not even married yet.

Being lazy and sloppy is a big turn off to most men. If you will show what kind of a slob you are to your man, he will end up being disgusted with you. Most men think that they have they have the right to be lazy and sloppy but women, no. Besides, women should be the one to tell their men to clean up and not the other way around. Sure, I am a woman and I disagree to something like this but then again, what can I do? This is how men think and not how women think.

Another deal breaker would have to be when women sleep with their dates on their first dates. Sure, there is nothing wrong with one night stands but then again, sometimes men think about things too. If a woman sleeps with her date right away then what makes him special among the rest? He might just be the nth person to ever sleep with her. It doesn't matter how hot she is. Such a kind of woman is definitely not one that any sane man should have a relationship with.

In relationships, there will always be some partners that are high maintenance. Selfish partners come and go. Almost some men handle such partners well, did you know that most men don't want to be with partners who are not just high maintenance but self-absorbed and selfish? Men like a little modesty in their women. Being compassionate is another. Men don't like bitches all the time. They also like women with big hearts.

Although a woman with a filthy mouth can be good to take in bed, dating someone with it might not be a good thing. Women who swear so much might not be the best date that you can bring to meet your friends or with your parents. She is also not the best one to have a relationship with. Not unless she actually knows how to show restraint.

Then, there is always someone with trust issues. It is hard to win someone over with trust issues. If a woman will continue to be doubtful of almost everything you say and do. Spying on a man and going through private things like one's emails and phones is just invasion of privacy. It is a deal breaker if a woman has no faith in her partner. If a woman doesn't trust her partner then makes you sure that he even has faith in your relationships. It is definitely emotional manipulation.

Lastly, respecting each other's interests can make or break relationships. A woman doesn't need to watch sports games with him or see his favorite bands play but she should at least not restrict her partner to enjoy the things that he used to enjoy even before meeting her. Changing for your partner is okay to some limit. Changing your partner to suit your taste is just wrong. It is definitely another turn off.

Women and men are different. Turn offs change. But at least, knowing what they are can help you stay away from them. If you a woman and want to know what men think about relationships, it is always best to ask what other men think. Whether or not, you are doing something that is a big turn off for your partner, it is always best to be considerate of your partner. You will be in a relationship after all.

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