Ways To Maintain A Steamy Relationship

Ways To Maintain A Steamy Relationship - Part 1

Mon, 09/03/2012 - 17:09 -- zena

Snapping A Cute Couple's Picture When There's No One Else To Take It For You

I am sure this sounds a bit corny as only lovesick teenagers usually do this but hey, it wouldn't hurt to try it. Have your guy hold the camera or a camera phone at arm's length in front of the two of you. However, this is only possible if one of you is taller. It doesn't matter if the photo isn't exact that good. What matters most is that you were able to have a snap of you two together at a certain place or activity that you both enjoy. If you are a scrapbooker then this photo will be probably look good in one of those pages.

Get VIP Couple Treatment

When you are out together whether it is going to a restaurant to have dinner or to go to a spa, make sure to let your guy ask the management if they could offer you something special because you either want to propose to her of perhaps you want to have a special one year celebration. Your guy can make up his own reasons but remember that the real reason behind it is to make everything so special even if in reality, there is no reason to actually celebrate something.

Enjoy Doing Nothing Together

This might sound boring to you but actually, it can be fun if you do it once in a while. Technology is probably one of the biggest enemy that we have right now. You can always spend an hour hanging without distractions. Yes, no TV, no Internet, no cell phone. Try to be lazy in bed and just talk. Perhaps you can share hot choco while you cuddle and talk to each other.

Talk Dirty In A Foreign Language

I actually heard this from my husband. He said that hearing me speak in a different language turns him on. Apparently, speaking dirty in a different language makes your man's blood boil. Learning new filthy foreign words might be a little difficult at first but you will be able to get used to it. Just don't be shy with it. Besides, its not like he will be able to understand it but somehow it will affect your man in a very hot way.

Shower Or Bathe Together Every Now And Then

Having a steamy shower or a relaxing time inside the bath tub is probably one of the good bonding times that you and your partner can have. Giving each other sensual massages and touches while taking a shower or bathing together. Adding a little kink to it by having some scented candles around you while you do this is also a good thing. Trying to rub yourselves and each other with scented body wash while cleaning each other up just might just get you both dirtier than you both should be. Yes, sex in the shower and in the bathtub might be included in this so called every now and then activity.

Listen To The Songs That You Both Love

Yes, having a play list of all your compiled songs isn't so bad to have to listen to every now and then. Doing things together while listening to the said songs can actually make you feel good together.

Go On A Picnic

Going on a picnic might sound a bit boring but it is nice to actually do this every now and then.

Playing Sports Together

Being competitive against each other while playing different sports together is good for both of you. It creates a proper dynamic for both of you and at the same time, you can get a good exercise while doing so.

Hook Up In A Public Place And Don't Get Caught

Hooking Up in different places that you have never done it before just spices your relationship to a different level. Sure, it might sound scary at first but you'll get used to it. Just make sure that nobody catches you or otherwise, you would be in a very embarrassing predicament which I am sure you and your partner wouldn't want.

Play Hooky Together

Sure, never being late at work is always a must but sometimes it would be thrilling to do it. Telling your boss that you will be late for 2 hours because you are going to do something important or that you are sick just to stay home and to make love to your partner is sweet and can be re-assuring. It only proves your point that your partner is more important anything else and that you are willing to drop anything and if not everything. Although this is not something that one should do all the time as we all need to earn a living too.

Relationships are hard work, true enough. So, all should work hard to keep it that way. If you value your relationships then you would do anything for them.

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