Tips to make long distance relationship work

Thu, 07/11/2013 - 23:17 -- amber

There is a popular saying that long distance relationship never works but how true it is depends greatly on two people who are involved in this long distance relationship. The relationship that grows in same city or neighborhood also fails. So you can’t simple blame the long distance for the failed relationship. To be honest, long distance relationship is not that tough and tricky to manage because of the advance technologies like video conferencing and constant text messages which have greatly reduced the miles even though you might not be able to touch and feel each other closely for months but still you can be connected to each other via different technologies.

Before going into the long distance relationship, evaluate your odds and see if this kind of arrangement will work for you or not. If you guys have been dating from a long time then there are more great chances that your relationship will survive despite of the fact that you are miles apart. Before going for a long distance relationship name your relationship either you guys are dating, seeing each other, it’s a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship or you are engaged. Clearing the parameters will prevent you from many misunderstandings that can occur at later stage. So it is better to clear out the status of relationship. After knowing the status, communicate your expectations openly and honestly. You need to talk with your partner about how frequently you guys will talk, when you will be visiting each other, what will be the possible challenges in front of you.

All this questions and discussion will help you in preparing for this long distance arrangement. The more ready you will be for changes and as flexibly you will adopt the changes, the stronger your relationship will be. Apart, from this keep each other updated about your day to day life and what is happening in your life. Share interesting stories of your life and share ups and downs for your life regularly so even in the presence of physical distances between you two, there will be no emotional distances that will in turn make your relationship survive.

Trust is the most important element in long distance relationship. If you don’t trust your partner completely then don't opt for this kind of relationship because the questions that reflects that you doubt the loyalty of your partner can kill the love in your relationship and can annoy your partner badly. So have a complete trust on your partner, give him/her reliable calls, extend favors and be normal.

Long distance relationship is a good way to get to know your partner and be close to her/him. Explore your interests and find creative ways to surprise your partner with gifts like sending handwritten love letter, your recorded voice or video clip or may be enjoying a game together over phone or a movie. Find creative ways to express your love and share your life. After all successful relationships are those in which partners go an extra mile to make their significant other special. Keep the jealousy out of the scene and don't become over protective or possessive. Respect the life of your partner and in fact play very cool in order to make your long distance relationship work.

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