Tips in Keeping The Chemistry Alive

Tips in Keeping The Chemistry Alive

Sat, 01/19/2013 - 01:14 -- maiya

When you first met him/her your heart was pounding and you used to feel fire within you but after few months or a year when you see him/her nothing your heart beats at normal rate and there is no fire in fact a confusion that why the relationship is losing its magic. Well there is a solution of regaining that same chemistry back in the reasons of losing it. As relationship grows we naturally start giving less time to each other. Once you are in a relationship and have got stable you start focusing on other things that affects the charm of your relationship.

You don’t talk much as you used to do in the starting may be because of workload, you start giving less time to your partner and relationship, your weekends have got busy, you have started caring less about little things like saying I love you randomly, or having small intimate moments like touching softly, or brushing your lips against your partner’s cheeks, or teasing them in some other way in the morning before going to a work when you used to do something that used to fire that passion between two of you. Those random text messages and missing meetings or some other work to meet in cafes and may be you guys are that point of relationship where you both know everything about each other and there is nothing mysterious or any element that makes you curious and ignite that past passion in you.

Now what you need to do is to burn that fire again

Now what you need to do is to burn that fire again by giving each other quality time where you can share a meal, or can watch a romantic movie together, where you guys get the chance to talk and spend more time together. Shower your partner with gifts, there doesn’t need to be any occasion and no other reason can do a magic except this that the gifts are the way to celebrate your relationship with your partner. You can plan out a small trip that will give you a break from your hectic work and will bring you guys closer to each other. Leave small notes for your love that reminds him/her about you whole day. Send them random email from work or naughty text messages to burn the passion. Make him/her curious again about something by asking new questions about each other or may be the old ones again, there is a possibility that their likes and dislikes have changed. Spend fun weekends together by trying new sports and things of their interests. You need to make them feel that no one can understand them and love the more than you.

Keeping the spark and chemistry alive with your guy doesn’t mean invading his privacy or get stuck with them like glue, but it means acting spontaneously and being affectionate. A random kiss or a comment, a brief stare or planning out nice dinner will do the magic. Just be positive and open minded. If your relationship is going through some changes, accept it and turn those changes in your favor is the small trick to regain and maintain the chemistry in relationships.

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