Spicing up a Long Distance Relationship over Valentines

Spicing up a Long Distance Relationship over Valentines

Wed, 02/06/2013 - 10:20 -- amber

Are you one of the people who will be spending this Valentine’s Day alone because your loved one is far away? If this is the case, worry not for just like everybody else, you too can get to enjoy this lover’s day. Though your significant other may be many miles away, you can still enjoy each other’s company by simply doing these activities:

Communicate via the phone

Texting, sexting or calling each other could help bridge the distance between the two of you. However, do not just make a 5 minutes call and hung up. Instead, let the calls last as long as possible and talk about everything including sharing jokes and playing games over the phone.

Web Cams

Another way of bridging the distance would be by turning on your web cams and watching each other go about their day to day chores. It would be really great to watch each other do the cooking, get dressed or simply do all the other stuff that they do on a day to day basis: It’s like spying on them from the same room.

Regardless of it being virtual, make it romantic

During the evening, you could both prepare your favorite meals and enjoy the dinner together via the web cam. Everything actually seems to be the same as when you would be next to each other.

Before the 14th, make an effort of sending them a special yet sexy gift like clothes that you’re sure they would love. You may also request them to put it on during that day and watch them via webcam wearing it. Moreover, this can be spiced up by turning on your cameras and playing sexy games as you watch each other. You could choose to strip tease or even masturbate in front of the camera while your partner watches. Other than sexy clothes, you could send each other sex toys to keep them sexually satisfied until you meet again. You have to be open minded and understand that ever so often, your partner will desire for a sexual experience and if they do not have a tool to meet their needs, then, they may opt to outsource and this may somehow have a negative impact on your relationship.

Just in case you have a problem accessing the Internet or video chats, you could exchange erotic photos via phone or email. However, you have to be very cautious when exchanging these types of photos via email because hackers could easily get hold of them.

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