a guide on how to make him miss you

So he's busy all the time- Here's a guide on how to make him miss you

Tue, 12/11/2012 - 16:00 -- maiya

It is a normal thing to be attached to your partner and when that partner doesn't give you too much attention, honestly you feel like giving them a tight one. But in this case, you got to be patient and play along as serenely as you can. Whining about anything in front of any guy would only worsen the situation. However, playing smartly would always turn things in your favor. If the ignoring phase has just commenced, the appropriate way to make him miss you is by being nice to him and making him realize how understanding you are. This would definitely make him think about you and your integrity.

One of the major problems with girls that should be taken into serious consideration is that they expect too much from every other person. Expecting a lot from your partner would only put you in misery. Playing hard to get is the best way to make him realize how important you are. Make sure that sometimes, you are the first one to end the conversation. This would agitate him to talk to you more and get your attention. Having an ‘I don’t care’ attitude sometimes works in your favor as this would instigate your boyfriend to explore what is behind this attitude of yours. Accepting last minute dates can actually mess things for you. Serious considerations should be taken about him not knowing how eager you are to be with him. This wouldn't only make you look like the desperate one but also would make him take you for granted. Don’t ever make a mistake to become his just another choice. If your boyfriend is too much occupied with the work, make him realize how important this relationship is. If you fail to do so, he certainly is not the only one in the world.

Sending text messages more than required or calling your boyfriend like a maniac would only take things overboard. The smartest way to make him miss you is to just leave him the way he is. His curiosity to know your ‘I don’t care mode’ would definitely bring him to you. Talking sophisticated while on the phone without giving them any hints about you missing him would surely make him regret what he has been doing.

Relationships have always been both the best and the worst thing in a person’s life. The art of dealing with your partner and making him realize that you’re worth his attention is somehow related to one’s self respect. If your boyfriend is too busy to take time out for you this is a great problem till you deal with it smartly.

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Maiya Hashmi