Sleep Positions - What They Say About You Both

Sleep Positions - What They Say About You Both

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:27 -- amber

Sleep positions are completely out of our control, in contrast with gestures, facial expressions, and speech. Therefore this form of analysis, if approached correctly, will give us precise information about someone's personality. You can certainly try to assume the most majestic, to your mind, position while falling asleep (a lotus pose or, for example, a position of a hiding tiger); however, as soon as you fall into the arms of Morpheus, the whole majesty thing will transform into something shapeless and vague.

Do not attempt to deceive yourself; the way how one sleeps is determined by his or her lifestyle. In this case you should analyze precisely the basic position, that, in which predominantly a person sleeps.

Stable relationship which was hard to build. Most likely, both partners had had a painful experience before and thought that happiness would no longer be there for them. And despite the fact that happiness is now in their hands, they live in the fear of losing it.

Couples who sleep like this have a strong connection, but they spend much time separately. She usually spends 10 hours at work, and he can party through the night with his friends. And vice versa. Partners accept each other the way they are.

This position is assumed by partners spontaneously. Their faces are turned to different sides, but they still have a strong connection uniting them. People with different characters and tempers sleep like this. He is short, she is tall. He loves solitude, she prefers having company. But not everything is so bad.

Couples who sleep in this position, are in love with each other. But they have very different views and therefore it is difficult to make any conclusions about the future of such relationships. If spouses sleep in this position, then it proves that they are trying to protect themselves from the surrounding world.

Such sleep positions testify to the fact that both are ready to move in and live together and… not to to get on each other's nerves. Each of the partners enjoys complete rights. Both are ready to accept each other's shortcomings as a given.

If we sleep like this, then, most likely, we are reacting to the fight which happened during the day, or to the lingering lack of understanding. Both partners resemble two ice cubes, and the heat of loves could destroy their peace of mind.

This union is based on passion. Partners share the same goals and dreams (their heads are facing the same side). There is mutual understanding at the intellectual level. This match should not only enjoy happy love, but also be successful in the joint business undertakings.

Such couples are obsessed by the idea of independence. They fear proximity, but they are desperate for support in order to get rid of their constant fear. Such people are afraid to develop a strong connection to the partner, to become a single whole with them.

Partners sleeping in this position, have already created a lasting relationship, but it it was not easy for them. Each of the partners leaves some freedom and personal space for him/herself, but also cares about the partner's feelings. They can forgive and forget many things in order to save their love.

This is the sleep position of the lovers who have very similar characters. They can look alike - same height, same build… They feel safe - one can see it from their relaxed postures, they are lying on their backs, but still must retain physical contact.

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