Six Signs If He Is The Right One For You

Six Signs If He Is The Right One For You

Thu, 09/27/2012 - 23:29 -- maiya

Identifying someone’s true feelings for you can be confusing, depending on how the other person is. The more mysterious, intense, serious the guy is; the more crucial it is to know how they feel about you. Some of the signs mentioned below can help you out in knowing if he really is “The One”.

He respects you

The foremost thing to consider whether a guy is right for you or not is knowing that he gives you the respect you want and deserve. This can include respecting your friends and family as well, but mainly you. He should be able to treat you the same way when you both are alone or with company.

He feels comfortable with you

If he treats you right and is comfortable being with you then he definitely likes you. You both share a good understanding, but this does not prove if he like likes you, it can be brotherly too, and you do not want to get into that, now how awkward would that be! But this is usually very obvious, if he likes you like that you would know, sometimes actions speak louder than words!

Considering family values

You he has to respect in order for the relationship to work, but he should be able to respect your family and accept your background and where you come from. These are the values you practiced growing up.

Having a good body connection

You know he’s the right one for you if he doesn’t pressure you into things, if you are not comfortable in being too intimate and if he respects that than consider a green flag waving! There should be a good body connection between the two of you, but being too physical without your consent can give the indication he’s interested in getting laid with you and not you as a person.

Compatibility level

It is important if you both have a good compatibility level when it comes to, understanding, emotions, romance and self-esteem, personality that reflect both of your views on life, affection and love for each other. A good compatibility level exists when you both have a good understanding, and have similar tastes. It is easy for one to spend their life with someone who has a good understanding between them.

Being good friends

Mr. Right is Mr. Right if you both have a good understanding with each other; a perfect relationship requires a strong bond that comes with being good friends. Being good friends ultimately leads to having a successful if not perfect relationship. Strong friendships usually lead to both the girl and the guy liking each other.

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