Signs That Your Ex Wants You Back

Signs That Your Ex Wants You Back

Mon, 03/04/2013 - 10:24 -- zena

Moving on is moving forward. Meaning you need to leave behind the past, forget about it in order to make room for the present and for the future. Although it is easier said and done, we all have to do it. But how can one fully move on when some of the people in their pasts keep on coming back to haunt them? Exes are parts of your past and yet not all of them want to be there forever. Some of them want to be your present and even your future. But how will you know that your exes want you back? Here are some signs that you should know in order to not make the wrong judgment, the nth time around. After all, if your heart was broken once by these exes, whose to say that they won't do so again?

If your ex remains in contact despite being out of a relationship with you for a long time then, that can be a good sign that he/she is still interested in having you around. Whether it is romantically or merely for friendship, this happens to some couples who have long broken up. Should you keep your hopes up for exes who do these? No, you shouldn't. Wait for things to escalate first. If you really want to make sure then have the initiative to find out but don't be disappointed if you don't get the results that you were hoping for. They say that when a person is over you and that there is another making them happy then why would they still hang around and make efforts to stay in touch? Never assume anything. For all you know, your ex might just want to keep in touch with you to get some of his/her things which he/she left behind with you. Besides, some exes think that they can still get something physical out of their exes despite being out of relationships for so long. I don't know why some people think this way. Perhaps maybe because they have already done it with other people and hey, who wouldn't want a convenient buddy in bed anyway? If your ex continues to call you to tell you how much he/she misses you in more ways than one then maybe he/she hasn't moved on yet. If he/she apologizes for the things that he/she did during the relationship and you want to revisit in then talk it over. You might just realize that the distance that you both gave yourselves offered clarity between you and would somehow be enough to give yourselves a second chance at love. Just don't act over eager to get back with your partner. Never sound needy. This is a turn off for many people.

If out of nowhere, your ex starts showing off the latest thing he/she did or said then there might be something there. Obviously, your ex wants attention but should you give it to him/her? That entirely is up to you. If you think that it is nothing serious then go about your life and ignore him/her but if your ex continues to resort to different ways just get noticed then there might be something there. Some people might not be direct with what they want which is why they try to find other ways to show it. It is up to you to discern whether the person is being truthful or not. Do not be deceived. You should have learned your lesson many times when you were together. If you think that he/she is sincere enough then go ahead and work things out. If you think that your ex deserves it then go for it.

When in the middle of the night or out of nowhere, your phone rings and your ex starts messaging you or calling you, of course, you would be wary to respond to it. If this happens often then it only means that maybe he/she misses you. What if you found out that he/she was drunk when he/she did that? That would only mean that he/she still thinks of you despite being in a sloppy state. It might sound bad but actually, it doesn't. If he/she wants a booty call, he/she would have contacted you while he/she was in a better state. Being drunk while he/she contacts you just shows how pathetic he/she can be and they are willing to show how vulnerable they are without you. Clearly this is a sign that your ex wants you back and can't live a life without you. If you still want him/her then here's your chance. Just make sure to arrange the meeting once he/she is already out of a hangover or is in a better state when he/she contacted you.

Many couples split up. It is a common situation that can sometimes become unavoidable. Sometimes couples split up because they don't like their partners' friends and family members but when he/she suddenly starts caring about them and keeping in touch with them after your break-up then that only means that he/she is interested in getting you back. If he/she is over you then why would he/she exert so much effort in being buddy buddy with your loved ones? For sure, he/she would like to see you too and how can one do that? One can get a higher chance by meeting those around you, hoping that you would take him/her back. Coincidences are unlikely especially when you know that your ex is making an effort to see you or reach you. This is also a sign that if he/she is ready to put up with your loved ones, then he/she is ready to be with you once more.

Lastly, some couples break up because things are becoming boring and that things are going nowhere. If you break up with your partner and he/she ends up starting to develop new and more creative hobbies like painting, drawing, taking pictures or making videos then, he/she might just be mending a broken heart. Not everybody can be an artist but think about the motivation of your ex to do something that he hasn't done before. If he/she was motivated or inspired to do something creative for himself/herself or for you then there will always be a reason behind it. If you think that he/she deserves to be with you again then nurture this new found hobby and be with him/her to enjoy it. For all you know, this might just be the catalyst that you needed in the your past relationship to make it more interesting.

Signs are only signs if you notice them or take time to do so. Otherwise, they are nothing more but unimportant things that your exes do for you. If you really want to rekindle what you had with an old flame then signs or not, you will go for it. After all, nobody said that second chances are bad. If you are ready to try again then do so. If you keep on failing at these attempts then at the end of the day, there will be no one to blame but yourself.

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