Reasons Why He Is Scared To Commit

Reasons Why He Is Scared To Commit

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 00:05 -- zena

There are many reasons as to why men are scared to commit but it is hard to simply pinpoint all of them so here are some that I want to share with you today. Men's reasons might vary but at least knowing some of them would help out the women out there who might actually be clueless of the following.

Some men find it hard to let go and to move on. Relationships are bound to either succeed or fail. The probability of a relationship succeeding or failing is hard to predict. Unfortunately, with each failed relationship, the break up process begins. One of the most difficult parts of the break up process is letting go of your ex, putting it all behind you and then, moving on. If you think that the man that you are dating has just been out of a relationship, do not be pushy. He might not be ready yet. Give him space and give him time to heal. He might have a lot of things that he still has to think about and things that he needs to go through. Be understanding, not demanding.

Falling in love is risky business. Everybody knows that. It can be overwhelming as well. It is difficult to love someone at first. The adjustment that you both need to do in a relationship can be big and hard but it gets easier as time goes by. It is scary to open up and make yourself vulnerable by loving someone especially if this person has gotten hurt in the past.

Some men are complicated. Some of them think that they aren't deserving of your love. To women, that is something that is hard to understand. This is why some of these men who think this way require a lot of maintenance from their women. If you ever want to be with these kind of men, you need to go above and beyond to show them how much you care and honestly, if you do not have the patience and time for this then it can be pretty exhausting.

Perhaps after several failed relationships where he has been dumped has scarred him for life. This is another reason as to why he just won't commit to another relationship any time soon. He is scared of being dumped once again and who could blame him? The poor dude is probably traumatized. There was just too much guilt and pain involved. At some point, no matter how strong he is, he will eventually get a breakdown.

When you get committed to someone, it only means there must be fidelity involved. Some men who might not be ready to remain faithful to just one person are scared of either hurting their partner or perhaps scared of things getting too complicated. Players usually have a hard time committing themselves to someone because of being used to have so many women around them every now and then.

Lastly, relationships are a lot of work. Some men do not want to go through the whole process of spending time with someone all the time and doing everything to make things work. Men are scared of the responsibility that relationships entail. In a perfect world, it would be effortless to be in relationships but unfortunately, relationships require effort to make things work.

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