Marking your Territory - What to Leave Behind

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You have been seeing this man for quite a while now but are yet to move in together. What then should you do in order to mark your territory as his woman in his household?

Marking a territory is not necessarily a sign that you do not trust him enough. Some women believe that leaving a trace of them behind acts as a warning to other women whom their man may be messing around with. But, leaving some of your stuff behind is a sign that since you can’t be with him 24 hours a day, you should leave behind something that should remind him of you. At the same time, it saves you the burden of having to carry a lot of stuff whenever you pay him a visit.

You should be cautious about what things you leave behind lest he be made to believe that you are trying to force him to commit. So here are a few important things that you should consider leaving behind:

Your underwear: A fancy underwear is perfect to leave behind. This however ought to be clean, sexy to look at and one that will make him remember about you and probably one that the two of you bought together. Abstain from leaving more than one or else he’ll assume you are trying to move in.

Perfume: Since you can’t leave your body with him, leave behind a trace of your scent that will remind him of you. The perfume should be simple and not too over exaggerated.

His favorite dish: Before you leave, prepare him his favorite dish so that when he gets back, he’ll wish that you would be around more often to treat him like a King.

Your favorite book: If you love reading, you could leave a book behind. The book will keep him interested in finding out what your interests are and the kind of content you like reading.

Abstain from leaving makeup, lotion, clothes or even shoes at his place. The last thing you want is to make him feel as though you’re pressuring him into being with you.

Leaving stuff behind is only recommended among couples who have been in a stable relationship for a while and are considering moving in together soon or, couples that are maintaining a long distance relationship. Remember that if you do it wrongly, you may end up being dumped faster than he picked you up!

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