Life’s Little Happiness - Celebrate Your Special Moments

Thu, 09/27/2012 - 01:38 -- maiya

However, realizing this fact that life is nothing less than a festival and everyday there are thousands of excuses in front of us to celebrate, but we normally fail to identify and see those reasons and little happiness that is wrapped up in every day and is gifted by life to us but we are too busy in achieving big and looking for big reasons, big enough that others can also see that we have achieved something or we have got a big reason to be happy; that we miss out small feasts and charm of life which can make us so happy that even the big reasons won’t be able to deliver us that contentment and pleasure.

The most important thing to enjoy the little happiness and celebrate special moments needs a positive frame of mind regardless what the situation is. Life sometimes can be hard and sometime easy and smooth but in every situation life has so much to offer and whatever time i.e. is good or bad has its own importance and can be enjoyed. But all this is possible if you think positively and are optimistic and can see new hopes coming out of broken things as well.

The moments of life become special when there is love, care, consideration and you have an aim to be happy and spread that happiness. To celebrate the little happiness of life and special moments you don’t need to have plans prior to celebration, you only need to recognize that there is this moment that surely needs to celebrate and gives an excuse to “party”.

Now, those special moments can be anything, it depends on you that what you consider to be special. For me even waking up every day is special and a happy moment that I celebrate and start my day by eating a piece of chocolate as a gesture of gratitude to life that it has given me opportunity to live another day and to work in order to attain my goals and to make my dreams come true.

Whenever there is a little drizzling, it makes everything so beautiful, green and fresh, you might not enjoy those heavy rains that even don’t allow you to go out and enjoy likewise special moments and little happiness of life makes everything so fresh and beautiful. If your boss has praised you today, it times to brag about it among friends and make it more special by treating yourself with something you like and even someone has smiled at you today, celebrate the moment by smiling back and thinking that today you were the reason of someone’s smile.

Conclusively, there are more special moments and little happiness in everyday than the number of seconds in 24 hours; you just need to look out for them and to celebrate in your own style to enjoy it fully. Live life to its fullest, as Oprah Winfrey says “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."

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Maiya Hashmi