Keeping Things Exiting Over Valentines

Keeping Things Exiting Over Valentines

Tue, 02/05/2013 - 10:42 -- amber

Valentines’ Day is the day to show and share love with the ones we love. Though we may have always showed love to them every single day of our lives, on Valentines’, we’ve got to take love on at least one note higher by bringing some spice into your love life.

Here are three ways that you can ultimately make this Valentines’ worth remembering to both you and her/him:

Have a quickie at some weird place: With Valentines’ falling on a weekday, it’s more likely that you will be busy all day long. This is no excuse whatsoever. Crown each other’s day by sharing a memorable quickie in weird places that you wouldn’t be caught at during any other day. We’re talking about the elevator, the car, the rest rooms or even a public pool or park. Of course, this may scare you especially if you are a law abiding citizen but the very fact that you’ll be scared of being caught makes it even more exciting.

Flaunt your lover to the rest of the world by giving them a hickey. The neck region is the most sensitive area in your partner’s body. A few pecks and kisses around the neck area are believed to be a complete turn on. However, to make it special, take it beyond the usual kisses and pecks. Instead, give them a hickey. Every time someone sees your partner with a hickey they will know for sure that s/he’s taken and that they are having a lot of fantastic sex in their lives. Though they may not know it, this is the best gift that you could give them over this Valentine’s season.

Lastly, add up that highly fantasized about spice in the bedroom. Introduce a three some for all of you to enjoy. The two of you are free to choose as to whether you want a man or a woman to join you in this escapade. Make sure though that your partner is open to the idea of bringing another person into your personal space. To make it more comfortable, don’t bring in someone that you have close links or relations with or similarly, someone who may in the long run end up jeopardising your relationship.

Furthermore, you could dress up on different costumes and strip for each other. Simply remember that this is your one night to show how deep your love is, so don’t be afraid to act a fool, and don’t hesitate to act naughty all the same.

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