Intimacy and Long Distance Relationships

Intimacy and Long Distance Relationships

Sun, 11/04/2012 - 13:33 -- kylerichtig

Keep your sex life alive during a long distance period. The lack of intimacy while one partner is away is the hardest on the relationship. Give your relationship a better chance of survival by keeping your intimacy present.

Phone Sex

Phone sex has been the cornerstone of long distance relationship intimacy since the phone made its way into people's homes. Sharing your orgasms together over the phone may not be as satisfying as in person, but will help to keep those mental ties. For variety include role-playing. You may both assume new characters, or simply one of you. Make it fun; you both want to look forward to the next call.

Video Chat

There are many free options for long distance video chat. Most smart phones and tablets are even capable of this today. Give your partner a sexy show, or have them direct you. They can reciprocate in whatever manner works for both of you. For more adventurous couples, use video chat to watch your partner have sex with an anonymous (or not!) one-night stand.

Alternatively, each partner can record explicit videos and exchange. This may be easier for some who are shyer about having their partner watching them live. Let your bandwidth restrictions be your rudder.

Dirty E-mails

For many people they are better in writing than verbally. Write your partner an e-mail with a story of what the two of you could be doing together. Trade e-mails with your partner discussing your fantasies or role-plays for each other when you are reunited.

Dirty Letters

For the less technically inclined, or if your partner has traveled to one of the few areas with no internet, exchange tried and true letters. Erotic letters have survived from ancient times that were sent by separated lovers. The added bonus of letters, are that your partner can enjoy them over and over while they wait for the next one to arrive. Do not discount the valuable of the tangible item. This lets your partner touch something you have since you parted.

Intimacy is the difference between a relationship and a friendship. While your partner is traveling, or working away from home, keep your intimacy alive by augmenting what your sex life is. For best results in a long distance relationship, try to include as many short visits in the time apart if possible. Video chat is the best tool to use over e-mails, letters, and phone sex as it creates both visual an auditory memories. Letters allow you piece of you that they can hold on to while away.

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