How To Solve A Communication Crisis In A Relationship

How To Solve A Communication Crisis In A Relationship

Sun, 09/30/2012 - 17:52 -- maiya

Life is not the name of straight path which goes on smoothly but it is journey full of bumpy roads. Same goes with the relationship. They are not always perfect and happy, there are times when you goes through different problems and crisis and most of the time the biggest crisis occurs when there is a communication problem.

Communication is not a very simple process as we think. Sometimes it is very complicated and tough to communicate. It is not always easy to express yourself in front of your partner or may be sometimes it happens that we intend to communicate something else and we end up communicating entirely different leading to arguments, fights and sometimes ever increasing gaps due to silence. Situation gets worse when we just get emotional instead of thinking about how our partner actually wants to say or why he/she is behaving in certain ways. However, there is a solution to every problem and these communication crisis can also be tackled you just need to have little control over your emotions and use more rationality.

The first step towards overcoming the communication crisis is identifying the problem. If there is a lack of communication between two of you, then try to identify the reasons that are contributing towards making your relationship silent and if there are always misunderstandings then try to calm down yourself and give your partner a chance to speak out and say whatever he wants to say while you try not to talk much, listen to him carefully and try to understand what he is saying and try to understand what are those factors that is giving a boost to this crisis in your relationship.

If you people are not talking to each other like you used to talk in past because of increased workload and hectic routines, try to give quality time to your partner may be 30 minutes or an hour each day where you two can catch up with all the happenings going on in both of your lives and where you can share, talk and discuss things. Try to make this time totally personal and don’t talk about anything else but yourselves. Doing this won’t be easy but you need to start doing so slowly and gradually.

Third step is being honest to your partner about your feelings. If something is bothering you and has made you a person who gets annoy on little little things then its better and recommended to share it with your partner. If you feel like crying then just cry, if you are hiding some secret then just stop hiding it and talk about it. Because not talking or perceiving everything so negatively will do nothing better to you or your relationship.

To overcome communication crisis try to plan out different activities on weekends that allows two of you to spend more time together and will give a new life to your relationship as well. Once your relationship has got under the knife of communication crisis, you won’t be able to change it in one night. It takes time; it takes efforts, determination and positive mind frame. Don’t bug your partner about how things are shaping up or push him into such conversations in which he is not at all interested and is only irritating him.

Be motivated and courageous and take things forward with calm mind, smartly and slowly.

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