How to make your first anniversary special

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 08:11 -- maiya

First anniversary is just as special as the new relationship. You feel excited and happy about the year that you have successfully spent with your partner. However, these happy feelings don’t come alone but it also brings lots of confusions about the ways to celebrate it and make it more special and memorable just like your romantic relationship with your partner. You want the celebration of first anniversary different, creative, special, memorable and most importantly romantic and filled with love.

Creating something different and arranging a lovely surprise is not that difficult, you just need to think what are those things that touch your partner emotionally and there you go, just do it as your heart directs you. So here are some ideas to make your whole day special.

Begin your morning by preparing a yummilicious breakfast for your partner and leaving a small love note with it for them.

Drop the bouquet of her favorite flowers and chocolates in her office before she comes to the office and for a guy an envelope having a tender message and an invitation for a special date. Send your partner messages about how lucky you feel to have your partner in your life and how it has changed since the day you have entered in their life. You can also send them naughty messages to tease them and making them curious to meet you in evening. Ignite their love and passion for you through random text messages.

Make them a beautiful homemade dinner; pick up your best dress for night and look your best. You can also choose to go to the place where you guys have met for the first time. For women jewelries are always special and it gets better when it’s a diamond necklace or a ring, a bracelet or earrings so make her day even more special by giving her the stunning diamonds and tell her that she has added the spark in your life and it just shines like a diamond. For him an antique or a good branded wrist watch with a note that you are having a best time for your life and this watch will always remind them about the moments they spent with you.

And by the end of night you can have a romantic dance on a slow music with your partner after a dinner and a memorable and passionate kiss is the perfect ending of the perfect romantic evening. Other than this you can also celebrate your first anniversary by going on vacations to some exotic spot, you can also repeat the vows with your partner, you can plan out a whole day with your partner and spending the whole day of your anniversary with your partner is a good option. The idea of cooking and preparing a meal is also very romantic or guys can surprise their love ladies by cooking a special dinner or breakfast on their anniversary day.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate this milestone day of your romantic life, just be sure it comes straight from your heart and have true emotions and feelings because then it won’t matter how you are celebrating it as it will already be special in every way for your partner.

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Maiya Hashmi