How to make-up with boyfriend after a fight

Mon, 03/25/2013 - 10:49 -- amber

They say that you fight with the people who are closed to you. You only express yourself completely in front of those people from whom you expect understanding and who are close to you. You don’t start fighting anyone and you don’t lose patience all the time. Fighting is itself is not a major issue the issue is the way you act after the fight and try to clear the air between you and your partner.

The first and the easiest way to make everything normal is to get silent on the topic of fight and let it pass away over few days so that the stress of your partner goes away and as soon you see things getting back to normal, do something to make the process fast in a healthier way. Assess the maturity level of your man. If your guy is immature, they will take time to back to the normal track and no matter what you do, they will be normal if only and only they want to be normal and will hear you when they think they are ready for it. So in case of immature boyfriends you need to be really creative in order to patch up and give them some time. The immature boyfriends might force you to lose your patience again but stay calm and sort out things calmly. And if your man also has an emotional personality along with the lack of experience of the life then this is the time when you need to give them space instead of trying so hard to make them happy and forget everything. Such kind of people needs space and time to get back to their normal mood.

While making up with your boyfriend is very humble and polite. Give them a chance to speak and share their views on the topic of fight and if you think that their point of view doesn’t go well with yours, it is okay, still listen to them calmly and don’t over rule their point of view. Remember no matter how nice men are, they still have ego and they can tolerate everything but they can’t survive the bruised ego of theirs. So it is very important to have a control over your patience while sorting out things. Try to communicate your problems in one brief sentence instead of telling him whole story. Boys understand the simple and short sentences more quickly than the whole stories. Don’t get stuck for the entitlement of being right. You might be right in the entire conversation but just to have that status you can’t lose your boyfriend. So try to understand the emotional position of your partner and decide for yourself that what is more important for you being right or being happy. After a fight if you think that there was your fault in the whole fight, accept it and apologize for it. A small sorry will not cost you much but in contrast it will benefit you while sorting out things with your partner.

If you feel like that you can’t make up with your boyfriend after the fight, send him an email or send him flowers with a sorry letter. Ask him out for the nice dinner and don’t be so serious and sorry after you are through to the fight. Always remember that everything you do in relationship, if done positively will help your relationship grow stronger and healthier.

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