How to Make a One Night Stand Translate into a Long Term Relationship

How to Make a One Night Stand Translate into a Long Term Relationship

Fri, 02/15/2013 - 14:34 -- amber

Regardless as to whether one is male or female, the stress of hooking up with one night stands and doing the walk of shame every single weekend at one time or another becomes unbearable. But as many friends may advice you, the last thing that should be on your mind is re-establishing contact with your one night stand. One night stands are however people like you who are lonely and in need of someone to meet their sexual needs. If you are tired of one night stands or simply want to translate that one night stand into a serious relationship, here’s how to go about it:

Come the morning after, wake up before them, prepare breakfast and bring it to them in bed. We all love breakfast in bed. If you are a good cook, s/he will totally fall for it. In case you are not, do not risk messing it. Instead, go out and buy yourselves some coffee. While having breakfast, start a conversation with them. You can tell a lot by how they express themselves through body language. If they smile, laugh or seem to imitate you, that’s a clear indication that you are on the same page and that they might be interested. If they seem turned off, don’t stress in making it work. Have you breakfast and walk away as it wasn’t meant to be.

Once you have gone your separate ways, call and check on them. Do not be vague or sound cliché in starting a conversation. A little flattery or flirting is required at this phase. Furthermore, you can text them but not overdo it to an extent that makes you appear to be a stalker. You could plan for another date this time round but make sure that it’s out of the bedroom. After all, you want to build a relationship out of love and friendship and not out of sex.

To cement the relationship, gradually get to know and spent time with their friends to make it clear that you are after the real deal. In return, introduce them to your friends as well. You may however take it easy when initiating the introductions because it may seem as though you are forcing them into embracing both you are your close friends and family all at once. Family introductions should only be made at a much later stage in life.

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