How to Give Each Other Space

How to Give Each Other Space

Sun, 01/13/2013 - 12:58 -- maiya

It is normal to find relationships complicated and not so easy at times. However, to make your relationship beautiful with the time and to let it grow stronger the first thing that you need to do is to respect and accept each other the way you are and each other’s life as well. Relationship grows in a healthier way when you start respecting and approving each other’s social and personal activities. We are playing different roles in our lives and we are engaged with so many other people and activities. To maintain that balance we always look for the person who can understand our other engagements and supports us in whatever we are or whatever we plan to do. Once you get married or take the decision to live together, you start to know about each and every minor and major events happening in your partner’s life, his/her annoying habits, his/her social life, friends, family and other social arrangements, his/her likes and dislikes and his/her interests which includes the way they spend their free times and much more. And that’s the kind of decision that changes your whole world. It gives you lots of happy moments along with the stress full days. You fight with each other and you laugh together.

If you want your love story to be like a fairytale then you need to understand where you need to give

Living together is not at all easy. All the supportive arguments are valid that when you are in love you are ready to do anything for the person. But if we look at the long term, love is there but there are other factors as well that causes strain between you and your partner which you can reduce only by giving him space and time, letting him spend something with his friends alone and permitting him to do certain things without you. There will be many things that you won’t like about your partner but instead of forcing him/her to change it try to adjust yourself with those undesired things and habits. All you need to be is understanding and think that even you have a life and there are times when you don’t want your partner to be stuck with you all the time.

If you want your love story to be like a fairytale then you need to understand where you need to give your partner their space and where you need some space and privacy. Getting attached with each other for 24/7 over the time will make the relationship suffocating for either of you or may be for both of you. If you expect your partner to understand you, give you some space and respect your privacy then in return you need to do the same. If your guys wants to go on vacations with his friends let him go and don’t make a fuss out of it. If you lady love wants to spend some time in pursuing her interests and hanging out with her friends, go cool with it.

The simplest way to make your relationship last for a long time is giving as much as you can because in the end whatever you have given to your relationship and partner will come back to you and will be doubled. So just keep a good balance for long lasting relationship.

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