How To Get Over Heartbreak

How To Get Over Heartbreak

Sun, 09/30/2012 - 17:46 -- maiya

The love is considered to be one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, which a person feels at least once in a lifetime for some other person. This feeling gets more intense and gives more happiness to an individual when he/she comes to know that are not alone to feel in such a way and the other person has got the same feelings for you; as you have for them.

However, as it is being said that life is not the bed of roses but it is also filled of thrones and sadness always follows the happiness just like there is a night after a day. The same thing happens when it comes to love or relationship and today’s world where the phenomena of falling in love has become so common than it was in past and with all the innovative breakthrough in technology and changing norms of a social life of a person breaking up or heartbreaks have become more frequent.

There can be many reasons behind the break-up. May be your relationship with someone special has come to an end before you expected it and were ready for it or maybe you have come to know that the other person don’t like you in a way you like them, or maybe you didn’t find enough respect and care in the relationship that caused the break-up. There can be different reasons and whatever those reasons are heartbreaks always brings lots of stress and disturbance in one’s life depending upon the level of your involvement in that particular relationship. Getting over heartbreak is not easy but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. It takes brief amount of time and few efforts to bring the life on normal track and to regain the confidence in relationships.

The first key solution to any problem is positive thinking. Positive mind frame solves half of the problems and therefore, keeping that attitude is important. It has been normally seen that when people get out of any relationship or when they find out that other person doesn’t like them in a same way, they tend to blame themselves for every negative thing and failure which is completely wrong. Every person is perfect in their own way and taking the blame of whole thing will do nothing better to your situation and just because one relationship ended or didn’t turn out the way you planned, doesn’t mean you can never have the successful relationship with anyone or may be with the same person again. Sometime it happens that the person with whom you are in relationship is not the right one for you or may be the timings are not right.

So, the first thing to do to get over the heartbreak is to have a positive mind frame. Expressing your feelings is the next step. There is nothing to get embarrassed about, confine yourself into the person who you trust the most. Sometimes it’s better to let those feelings come out; it will reduce your stress level and will make you feel lighter and its okay to cry. The aim of the person getting over a heartbreak is to let out all the negativity, disappointments and the frustration of the broken relationship, because that’s one of the most effective way to heal your heart and indicates that you have started moving on letting all the bad things behind.

Always keep yourself reminding about the strengths that you possess and feel good about it, you deserve to be happy and it’s not your fault only if the relationship didn’t work out. If you have some weaknesses then the other person also have their own set of flaws. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, so it’s better to be with someone who accepts you with all your good and bad things, respects you and their strength compliments your weaknesses.

Give yourself time. Don’t be too hard on yourself. These feelings doesn’t last forever, it takes time to go away but eventually it will go away and you will feel normal ,energetic and lively again, it just depends how you deal with it. The best way of feeling and back to normal life again is to keep yourself busy sometime by doing things you like and exploring the areas of your interests like writing diaries or listening to music, hanging out with friends or family, going on tours, shopping, may be reading books or decorating your house.

Get rid of all the stuff that reminds you of your past relationship or ex. These can be the presents or song CDs. Just garbage them all, delete all their text messages, emails, all the pictures. In short, everything that reminds you of your broken relationship.

Treat yourself well by staying active and doing exercises that will keep you in shape and will also reduce your stress level, eat good food and get a good sleep. Breaking up means the ending up of old relationship that gives an excuse of a fresh start, reorganize your stuff, replace old things with new ones like old dresses with the new one, redecorating your room, trying a new hairstyle and most importantly making up a new routine. Once you start feeling like going towards a normal path, just grab a pen and paper to write down all the feelings you have related to the previous relationship and you will be amazed to see your progress and the things that you have learned out of that relationship. Keep yourself reminding about that whatever happened was for your own good, the person wasn’t right or the life has something more amazing and special for you.

Finally accept all the mistakes that you made in your previous relationship, it is healthy to have an acceptance for your mistakes and it doesn’t mean that’s the only thing you have done, also keep reminding yourself about the good things and qualities you have and all the corrective measures that you took to mitigate the effects of your mistakes, at least you tried but still if it didn’t work out the simple reason is that you guys were not right for each other and still your someone right is waiting somewhere for you who will accept all you the way you are, he will understand you and he will be the one who will take care of you even when you are not at your best.

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