How To Deal With A Hot Headed Boyfriend

How To Deal With A Hot Headed Boyfriend

Sun, 10/07/2012 - 13:11 -- maiya

What to do when you have a hot headed boyfriend, who doesn’t listen to you and reacts fast without thinking and says the most awful things to you, and then claims he didn’t mean it. At the same time you can’t afford to lose him because he also makes you happy.

Ignorance is bliss; consider that the next time your boyfriend has one of his hot headed days. When he unleashes you with his bad temper find ways to ignore what he’s saying no matter how awful it may sound. Think of a song that makes you happy, or start counting backwards in your head when he’s talking. That’s the easiest way to not get into arguments and dealing with the situation rationally. This is for when he acts badly occasionally.

If he continues being a hot head for no reason and it bothers you, then you should confront him bravely without being too aggressive, often when people react this way there is a problem behind it, they might be raised getting yelled at or talking that way making them think that how they react is not wrong and normal. You should confront them and tell them that you are not comfortable with it. When they are speaking let them know you’re listening even if you do have the new track by one direction playing in your head. React, converse and let them know how you feel about his obnoxious behavior.

If his actions threaten you don’t let him know you feel threatened, instead try being fearless and let him know you are better than him and that in order to work this relationship he needs to work on himself! Help him in getting better. Listen to him, consider his options but let him consider yours too.

Make it clear to them that you don’t talk about things that you want them to know just because of their behavior, this will surely get him thinking, he may be embarrassed and would want to change himself.

At times if it gets out of hands, stop talking to him for some time, so that he knows he did wrong and he should work on himself so that he can give his 100% to the relationship. You’re self esteem is more valuable and important than any person’s attitude.

In the end, the most important thing is whether or not he still has it to make you happy, if he doesn’t you should leave him and move on, a man who doesn’t treat you right doesn’t love you, it’s all a joke to him, move on there are plenty of fish in the sea. But before you move on or leave him you should let him know what his flaws are and why it did not work so that he can be careful in the future.

“If you love something set it free, if it comes back its yours, if it doesn’t it never was." - unknown

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