How to break free from a nerve wrecking relationship?

Wed, 10/16/2013 - 02:16 -- amber

Tired of your girlfriend’s possessiveness, your boyfriend’s insecurity and restrictions? Well, breaking up is definitely the best solutions if things are really not working out between the couple. You may need not to worry how break up with your partner. It might not be the best relationship of your life but don’t ever forget you were in it for the sake of your happiness too. Generally, breakups on a bad note are too much of a hazard for both the partners. However, taking things easily and lightly would end up things on a good note, making life much easier for the two.

Breaking up is surely a very fragile issue and once you are certain to break up, think about all the possibilities you want to break the relationship because of. Giving illogical reasons to save yourself wouldn't make a good façade on your doings anyhow. Being gentle while breaking up is something that is not so common among both the guys and the girls. However, one must hold their horses till the final verdict is given and is comprised of patience to listen to the other person. Realizing the fact that breaking up is not a pleasant thing, one should keep in mind the feeling of the other person too. Getting to know your partner wants to break up with you is something that wouldn't make them happy and so be ready to be thrashed with harsh words and things that you never even imagined to associate yourself with.

If you are seriously certain about breaking up, the idea about your partner’s condition after breaking up should not be your business anymore. Thinking about them being involved with some other person should certainly not bother you. However, if it does you shouldn't be breaking up with them. If at some point later in your life you feel you have made the wrong decision, talk it out but never try to bug them with what they have been up to after the break up. Remember, you have broken up with them; their life is certainly not your business anymore.

For some, it is not easy to tell the person that they want to breakup although they need the break desperately. Do not, ever, make a mistake of talking about such matters via text messaging. Make sure that the person is right in front of you to talk everything out. The very common phrase nowadays “can we be friends” is something that never works out. Not at least right after the break up. Never forget that!

Breakups are becoming too frequent these days. One has to think hard what they want before ruining their and their partner’s life!

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