How To Attain The Perfect Balance

How To Attain The Perfect Balance

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 00:58 -- maiya

Relationships be it between a parent and a child or amongst siblings or between friends or lovers all demand attention and proper handling. To balance a relationship between your friends and your partner can be successfully acquired by giving them their due share of quality time and attention. It is important to lay down a few pointers to remind you the importance of both your friends and your partner during the beginning of your relationship. Refrain from discussing your love life with your friends all the time as this can be very annoying, there should be a limit to everything even when it comes to conversing, nobody likes a bragger! and often people do that when they are in love, which being very natural and normal to think about them 24/7 on the other hand can be very irritating and ends up boring others, remember you fell in love with them in the first place, not your friends!, so no they don’t like that cute smile with those bulging eyes THAT’S YOU! They’d rather go for someone with the dreamy eyes the Collin Farrel kind, so please! Save it for your diary! Similarly your partner might feel insecure if you talk about how u spend your time with your besties or how enjoyable it is when you are with them.

Introductions can be a little awkward at times, but who says it always has to be like that? There would be less chances of misunderstandings if your friends knew your partner, that way both the sides can know who, n how the other person is, they might end up being friends, maybe even close friends, but be careful! Them being so close can jeopardize your relationship with them considering their relationship with each other. Make sure whenever you are with either your friends or partner they feel appreciated, how does a romantic evening with your loved one sound? Good, but what if u end up texting your friend the entire time, situations like that can arise and you should know how to deal with them, instead of spending your evening with your partner you can apologize and be politely excused since your friend needs you!, after all if your relationship doesn’t work out in the end your friends will be the ones to save you from being ‘the damsel in distress’.

Being a caring friend helps in both the relationships. One of the golden rules of balance is giving attention when and where it’s needed. Remember that both your relationships are equally important, tactfully handling this is called balance.

All relationships have their own priorities and we should balance our friendship and our love life on this scale.

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Maiya Hashmi