How to Apologize For a Drunk Dial?

How to Apologize For a Drunk Dial?

Thu, 09/27/2012 - 02:18 -- maiya

Mistakes can be exonerated but it solely depends on the person and of course what was the degree of mortification. Drunk dialing, in some instances has become a serious issue however; some people make a joke out of it and move on with their lives. Yet, the most difficult part of drunk dialing is actually the period after your hangover. This is the time when you start getting hold of your senses back and recall what blunders you made while you were intoxicated. Apologizing for the drunk dial is a good idea but apologizing for it the very moment after you ended your call is indeed the worst thing. So be careful not to call the person until you are sober and retained back all your senses.

In any case, apologizing is the most difficult thing to carry out for an individual. In case of drunk dialing, apologize while keeping in mind the relation you had or still have with the person you called. Text messaging would do well in case of the person you called was your ex. It’s recommended not to beat about the bush and directly talk about business. This would in turn diminish the awkwardness for you. Being drunk should not always be used as an excuse to seek forgiveness; however, if any confusion occurs you should at least make a notice of the fact that the person knows that you were drunk. This is very important if the person you called was one of your exes. Remember, if you are determined for an apology and are persistent to be forgiven, always give some time to the person to consider your apology. Rushing and rambling on would do no good in fact this would rather irritate the person. However, some people would just let go this idiocy of yours and would make a joke out of it.

However, if the call has been made to someone who could actually make your life disastrous, it is strongly recommended to straightaway call the person and ask forgiveness with notifying them that you were drunk and you did not intend on what you said the other day.

Apologizing especially in case of drunk dialing is the most mortifying things. This could get worse in the case when you don’t exactly know what you had said to the other person while you’re drunk and apologizing for such a shameful act needs strong valor. People sometimes tend to use drunk dialing as a shield of spurting out their real emotions but this could sometimes lead to major mishaps that could lead you to some serious problems in your life forever.

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