Girly Habits Guys Don't Get

Girly Habits Guys Don't Get - Part 2

Thu, 11/08/2012 - 00:05 -- zena

In my previous article, we found out that there are at least 8 things that men don't get about women but it looks like that list will just be longer this time. Looks like men and women are really different in every way. This time, let's see what else can be added to the list.

Finding fault in other women and enjoy it

Mean girl or not, most women enjoy saying something not so nice about other women. I don't really know why this is the case but I can admit that it has happened to me a lot. True, I have enjoyed doing this but mainly to people that I dislike or hate. Guys don't get it why women like to diss on other girls. Sometimes some women even go to the extent of checking one's Facebook or any other social media page just to make fun of what the other woman has posted or said. I am sure there is nothing else to gain from the act but mere satisfaction. Then again, it can only be guilt free if you really hate or dislike that certain person otherwise, if that person was nice to you then that just makes you a backstabber and a hypocrite. I am sure you wouldn't want to deal with all the drama.

Going to the restroom, washroom or powder room together

This is a fact. Sometimes women want to go to such places with other women. Men don't get that. To them it doesn't make sense. I have been asked this question many times in the past. Men have asked me what women usually do in the said rooms. I laughed and told them nothing special goes on in the said rooms. Its just a bonding moment for us, women because we get to catch up on some gossip and we get to talk about our lives while relieving ourselves when nature calls and while we make ourselves more beautiful with the make up that we put on our faces. We even give each other tips and help each other in making ourselves beautiful. What can I say? Most women are vain. We don't want to do it for ourselves but we want to make sure we look good for our partners as well.

Sometimes women want to go to such places with other women

Wearing provocative clothing and then getting angry when men try to take a pass on you

Women like to be sexy. Whether it is in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the office, in the bar, in a car or in a public place, women want to look good. Unfortunately, some women like to flaunt their assets a lot thus causing a lot attention. Men are very visual creatures and the mere sight of women looking hot sends them different signals. In short, they get attracted to women who wear such things. Which is why if a woman has a boyfriend or has a husband, they always make sure that their other halves don't go in public wearing something skimpy. I am a woman but I don't understand this either. Somehow I feel that when men try to be perverted around women who wear provocative clothing, it is only because they wanted to attract that kind of attention, even if it is unintentional. To men, women wear such clothing because they want men to ogle them which is why they do it. Dressing provocatively should have its limits. Public places should be in the big NO-NO list. Not unless you are comfortable with the men and the dirty stares, their attempts to touch you and their ways of say something to you. I think that a woman can be desirable and beautiful despite what she wears. Then again, wearing a dress with no shape does make you look fat so never mind. I think I won't be able to convince women to join my cause after all.

Playing hard to get even if you like someone

Men are very direct creatures. To them, if they like you and you like them back then just say it or show it. They don't like women sending mixed signals. They don't like it if you don't say what you mean. They are not there to play mind games with us. They just want an answer. Is it a YES or a NO? Waiting is okay as long as the men know that there is something worth waiting for. If you just keep on leading him on, making him feel that he is already close to getting you and then you end up leaving him hanging then that's just infuriating and ego-crushing for a man. Men are people too. They shouldn't be toyed with. Then again, men toy with women too. So I guess in the end it is touche to both of you.

Women get jealous even if their partners just want to hang out with their friends

I am sure that not all women to admit to feeling this but I remember feeling it when I was just dating someone exclusively for a couple of months. I thought that he was being taken away from me because I wanted to spend every waking moment with him. But then again, I know now how suffocating that must be. Men don't like being controlled (Well, I beg to differ though because some do.) and they hate the feeling that they are being suffocated due to the fact that they cannot see other people which includes their friends. They get it that they cannot see other women while in a relationship with you but they will never get why they cannot be allowed to see their friends too. I think that in a relationship, both parties should be given the right to still function as an individual despite having a partner now. There are just somethings that you cannot do with your partner, no matter how hard your partner tries. It is just never the same. Both parties should understand that.

He tells you how pretty and how sexy you are

Women don't know how to accept compliments

He tells you how pretty and how sexy you are. You smile and then suddenly, you pout. He looks at you and his forehead wrinkles. He is confused and is asking what happened. He just praised you and now, you are not happy about it. Come on! Guys don't get why women are never contented with all the good things that come out of their mouths. Some of them are either disbelieving, doubtful or just plainly do not know how to react to compliments. The least a woman can do to a man who has given her compliments would be to say thank you. Honestly, I think I don't know how to react to compliments whether it came from a man or a woman. I just blush and don't know whether to say thank you or ignore it. I feel dumb when that happens.

Women like to show off their men

I don't think this is such a bad thing. After all, if a woman wants to show you off to her friends, her family and her officemates then be glad. At least, she is proud to have you around. Isn't that a huge ego boost for a man? Well, men think it is exhausting when they are asked by their partners to tag along with her to every party, every gathering and basically, everything that their partners do. I am sure that men like the idea but they are just uncomfortable with being the center of attention all the time. It might matter to you that he is your arm candy everywhere you go but your partner should be given the liberty to say no too. If he does, don't throw a hissy fit. Instead, just understand that sometimes you won't be getting what you want in the said relationship. Same happens in real life, I think any sensible and strong woman can deal with that.

You like to start fights out of small things then drive your man insane

In the end, you give him a hard time coaxing you and wooing you. This is probably something that most women do. I think it is a way to know if a man is still into her or not. To women, it is always a test. Men need to constantly confirm to their partners how much they love them. If women don't see it anymore then that's the time that women have tantrums in order for their partners to do something about it. If their partner won't do anything to fix the situation then it is not worth it to stay with him any longer. Men don't understand that. To them, saying I love you is hard enough the first time. Saying it all the time needs some getting used to.

So the list ends again today however this list is still not enough. I know that there are more things that men don't understand about women thus, most of them feel that men really are from Mars and women are truly from Venus. For more updates regarding this topic, we will just have to wait and see.

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