Fun for the Recently Single

Fun for the Recently Single

Wed, 11/07/2012 - 23:17 -- kylerichtig

For anyone who has been in a long-term relationship that ended, this is a time of change. Make getting over your ex easier by moving on. You are a new person after the experience of an ex. Find out who you've become by exploring your sexuality. Your tastes and power may have changed for the better.

Pick a time frame

Many relationships end with the seasons. A classic time for the end of relationships is spring. Pick a time frame for your exploration. Perhaps have a "trampy summer" and re-evaluate in the fall. Taking time to explore other options will allow you to gain distance from any pain resulting from your breakup. Choose a long enough time frame to give yourself the access to others you will need.

Try something new

Start the new you with trying something new with your sex life. Always wondered about sleeping with someone of the same sex? Now's your chance. Ever wanted to have a threesome? Threesomes are easy to find if you are female, (especially if you are looking for a threesome with a man and another woman). Try something different that you can define your time after your ex with. Instead of time being before and after your ex, it can be before and after trying 69 Standing.

No attachments

During your freedom window, do not make any attachment with others. Think of yourself at the sexual buffet. There is always something new the farther you go. Do not fill your plate with partners that have emotional expectations. Let them know you are not looking to be exclusive. This will work in your favor in casual encounters. For some, the attention they receive from the new partners will help to build esteem. Be careful to understand what people are after. Having no attachments allows you to not worry if they are going to call the next day, or how they felt about you.

Flaunt don't gloat

You can use your newfound freedom to punish your ex if you so desire. Post pictures of you and all of your new partners on your social networks. Let your ex see the gift of life that they gave you.


After your freedom period is over, take a look at all the experiences you have accumulated. You can now objectively look at all that's happened and find your new footing.

If you are recently single, you may wish to have some fun. Explore who the new you are after the experience of your ex. Let your ex know how much better you are doing without them. After all, living well is the best revenge.

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