Five Phrases that Could Easily Kill your Relationship

Sat, 06/08/2013 - 14:59 -- amber

Every relationship is guided by various spoken and unspoken rules. No matter how open a couple is in a relationship, there are certain things that the two should never say to each other more especially since it could end up hurting not just their partner but also their sex life. Examples of these phrases cum statements include the following:

I faked it

Though it’s evident that a majority of women fake their orgasms, it’s not polite to tell your man that he didn’t work hard enough towards making you climax. This is because although he probably knows that many women fake it, he would never want to hear that his woman is one of the statistics. Instead, there are various other polite ways of letting him know so. Or, you could instead focus your attention towards making him get there rather than hurt his feelings.

My ex…

Just like the name suggests, the ex should only remain in your past. If in a current relationship, you should never try to compare your partner’s sex skills or any other skills for that matter with those of your ex, not unless you want to be mean and break up with your current partner. As good as your ex may have been, make an effort towards forgetting those memories and instead, work towards creating newer ones with your current partner.

I would rather use a toy

Sex toys are purposely made to make sex more spicy and interesting, and shouldn’t be used to substitute your partner. Telling your partner that you would rather use a toy is an indication that the toy gives you more pleasure than s/he does. If you find it hard to resist the use of toys, introduce them in your sex life not to act as a substitute but instead, as a complement.

I’m bored

There is nothing as repulsive as telling your partner that you are bored, especially when having sex. This is an indication that their sex skills are not as spontaneous or as interesting as they should be. If you really are bored, improvise new ways to create a sparkle into your relationship.

Are you done already?

If you are having sex, no matter how turned off you may be, never ask him whether he’s done. Sex between couples should be enjoyed by both parties simultaneously. If you find yourself not in the mood, emphasize on foreplay first before going into the sex.

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