Dramas That Your Partner Might Not Understand

Dramas That Your Partner Might Not Understand

Tue, 09/18/2012 - 16:25 -- zena

There are some people who value anniversaries and other important occasions way too much without thinking that there are some people who might not understand the value and the concept of it. Sure, it might be a special occasion however, not everybody knows that. I understand if you will be upset if your husband forgets your first year anniversary but I wouldn't understand if he will forget when your first date was and then you end up being upset as well. Sometimes there are just some people who forget these things. Remember that not everything might be special to your partner. Well, not as special to you that is. So, give your partner some leeway and let him remember things on his own. Do not push him too much as sometimes it might just end up being disastrous. Understanding your partner's shortcomings should always be your top priority.

Shedding tears might be unnecessary to some people. This is why the next time you shed tears in front of your partner, be careful. Not all partners understand the reason why you need to Whether there are tears of joy or tears of something else, your partners needs to know just that. If your partner doesn't know the reason behind your waterworks then don't expect your partner to sympathize or perhaps empathize towards you.

There are days when you feel ugly or feel fat which makes you feel bad about yourself. You become grumpy and don't want to go out. You try to wear different clothes and end up getting more frustrated as you see the unsightly bump on your belly. You partner might not understand what is making you feel bad or why you are so frustrated about it. Unlike women, men are okay with them looking not okay. Most gay people don't want to go out looking like crap either. So, if your partner has been feeling down all day and trying to avoid people then why not just respect that and perhaps try to make your partner feel better instead? I am sure after going through all the drama, your partner will reward you for understanding the phase that he/she had to go through.

Lastly, some people like to still keep in touch with people that were parts of their pasts just because they feel obligated to do so. Apparently, some people feel the sense of obligation as they have been related to or have known each other in the past. Sometimes even if they do not want to, they keep these relationships going instead of just letting go of such people to make room for other people that matter. Some partners do not understand why you have to keep on putting yourself through all the trouble and the drama of doing so which is why they just want you to realize that such things should not continue happening in your life. Somehow, I believe that there is truth in that. One should not feel obliged to meet up with anyone again just because they knew each other when they were growing up. It is not easy to rekindle relationships and sometimes things might even go wrong in the end. So, bailing now is the best option. Listen to your partner before it is too late.

No matter what it is that our partners do not understand about us, what matters is that they try to continue understanding us no matter what. Dramas can be avoided if we stop them from coming to our lives. We just need to stay focused on things that matter more. If your partner ends up misunderstanding you, reassess the situation and try to understand why he/she did that. Perhaps be the one to apologize if you think you brought all the drama in your relationship. One can avoid drama if they want to. They just have to stop it before it ever starts.

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