Diamonds, Flowers or Chocolates - girl’s best friends?

Diamonds, Flowers or Chocolates - girl’s best friends?

Tue, 12/04/2012 - 00:55 -- maiya

When one has to decide between diamonds, flowers and chocolates, the decision is really not very easy. It’s complicated and confusing that what will make the girls happier. I think it’s a cliché that “diamonds are the best friends of girls”. Yes there is no doubt that diamonds is something that almost every women desires and something that you want to have or desire doesn’t become your best friend because best friend is something that you already have then how can something that is wanted is the best friend of the women.

Diamonds are more likely to be a “women most beautiful and desirable dream”. We women love diamonds, they add beauty and charm in our personality and we all have this secret temptation and craving for this rare and precious stone and if someone gifts this dream to a girl, it surely succeeds in impressing that girl.

However, there is a difference between impressing a girl and making a girl fall in love with you. There is no question about the appeal that diamonds have to pull girls, it will impress them for sure but if you want a girl to fall in love with you then you need more than this stone. You need something that directly touches her heart and she finds you sensitive and caring. For that purpose no gift can beat the magic that flowers do on girls. “Flowers make girls fall in love”. If you want to see that glow and twinkle in her eyes, naïve smile on her beautiful face and if you want to reach out for her heart just present her with one single flower in the morning and there you go, you have made her whole day and surely those flowers will portray your love and care for her every time you present her with one.

Conclusively, no it’s not diamonds; it’s not flowers but its chocolates that are the beast friend’s of girls. When we are in love, we just want chocolate to make that feeling doubled and want to enjoy the pleasure that we get from the relationship and by eating chocolates. When we are hanging out with friends without the chocolate ice-cream the fun is incomplete. When it’s our birthday, don’t forget to invite a chocolate cake or you are dead. When we have graduated or its big news chocolates are always there to celebrate our success and when we are down, upset and going through a heart-break no one understands us better than a chocolate and it always accompanies us and not flowers or diamonds can substitute chocolates in any situation. Flowers and diamonds have their own magical influence but chocolate is not about magic it’s about the mood and emotions of the girls that pictures their naughty side and that playful nature of girls.

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Maiya Hashmi